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Top 7 Things to Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai in Thailand is by far one of the largest and most colorful cities in Thailand. It is located in the northern region and is considered by many as a cultural hub. This is where you want to go if you are looking to explore Northern Thailand.Seven things to do in Chiang Mai and reasons why you should visit this large northern city in Thailand.This is a list of to do in Chiang Mai.

You will soon find out why all sorts of travelers love the city.

There are tons of fun things to do in it, plus, the city offers lodging options for all budgets, from backpackers to those searching for five-star luxury hotels. Making it the perfect place for anyone to dive into the local culture and have fun while staying within their budget and needs.

One thing to keep in mind is to not schedule less than a week for this city. You will miss out on so much if you do! So take your time to explore it.

Things to Do in Chiang Mai

The Top 7 Things to Do in Chiang Mai

1. Plan a Visit To Doi Suthep

This is one of the top landmarks of the city. Some compare its popularity to the famous Big Ben in London.

Doi Suthep is a beautiful mountain that you can access after a 12km car ride outside of the city. It is covered by gorgeous lush forests and is home to the 8th highest peak in the country, standing at 5400 meters above sea level. Aside from hiking for all fitness levels, the waterfalls are the main attraction. It is also home to an impressive 13th-century temple that is home to a large white elephant shrine.

2. San Kamphaeng Road

This is an option for those who don’t necessarily want to leave the city. The place is also called ‘Handicraft Highway’ and is a 10km long road where you will find any and every type of traditional Thai hand-craft that you can think of.

From pottery, wood carvings to silverware and textiles, you will find it all.

Can you imagine how much shopping fun you can have in this street? It also has easy access from other areas ad different points, making it easy to get in and out or to take breaks for food.

3. Take an Elephant Tour

Before I even begin to describe how great these tours can be I’d like to remind you to always look for ethical elephant tours where these gorgeous animals are not being abused, mistreated or displaced from their homes just for tourist’s fun.

In these tours, you get up close and personal with these gorgeous animals. You will be able to experience first hand how smart and loving elephants are.

The right kind of tour won’t allow you to ride them and they won’t be asked to perform any tasks they don’t want to. On the contrary, you will join the elephants as they perform their daily activities, you will do what they want to do that day.

4. Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park another amazing option for nature and adventure lovers. It is home to the highest mountain in all of Thailand. You will need to be fit to hike all the way up to the summit. However, there are other things to do other than doing the full hike.

There are gorgeous waterfalls, small towns, farms, and viewpoints. The thing is that they are all pretty far apart because the park is so big. So it is necessary for you to show up with your own a car or to make arrangements to get bikes.

Also, I’d advise not to visit during the weekend. It will be crowded.

5. Boat Trip On The Mae Ping River

Reserve some free time for one of these tours during an afternoon. The tours usually take around two hours and offer a relaxing time while floating over a river and enjoying the sights of the sun going down. The traditional teak houses that line the river also provide a beautiful sight.

6. Wat Phra Singh

I feel like you can’t visit Thailand without checking out as many temples as possible. They are all gorgeous and unique.

Wat Phra Sing is a Buddhist temple from the 14th century. While walking around you will find two Buddha statues. You will also notice that this is still an active monastery, there are tons of monks walking around at all times.

It is simply stunning!

7. Bai Orchid And Butterfly Farm

Out of all of the things to do in Chiang Mai, this is in my top three. Living in Guatemala I get to visit orchard expos often and see them being sold almost everywhere and I love it. That is why I love the idea of visiting a garden dedicated to them.

Plus, the Orchid is a sort of symbol of Thailand.

Located next door you will find the butterfly farm. It serves as a sort of breeding ground for local species.

What are your favorite things to do in Chiang Mai?

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