Top 7 Exciting Activities for Kids in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The summers have settled in, and the school-year routine is nearing an end with the start of the much-anticipated summer break. You know your kids deserve a long break so they can return to school with rejuvenated spirits and fresh minds. But that’s merely one side of the picture! As parents, the mere news of the kids’ summer break can stir a storm of emotions within you.

As excited as you’d be to spend quality time with your kids, you’ll probably stress and fret over keeping them busy. You know your kids will nag and whine about something fun soon during summer break. Instead of keeping them indoors confined to the backyard, take your kids on a worthwhile trip.

Wouldn’t taking your kids on a trip with tons of exciting new activities without breaking the bank be fun? If you like the sound of that, then Pigeon Forge is your destination this summer. Nestled in East Tennessee, this mountain town beckons millions of tourists annually. If you’ve never been to Pigeon Forge, we’ve listed eight exciting activities your kids will love this year.

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Take A Ride On A Coaster

If soaring, swinging, tumbling, and fumbling sound fun for your kids, take them on one of their most memorable coaster experiences. The Ski Lift Shootout Coaster in Pigeon Forge is among the most popular rides. Suitable for riders 40” tall and up, it is a 2-seater suspended coaster that swings, dips, and soars through the Ridge of Rowdy Bear, operating both day and night. Children who are 40” tall can enjoy the ride with an adult, and those who are 47” or taller can ride alone. The maximum weight per gondola is 350 lbs. If the combined weight exceeds this limit, guests can choose to ride separately.

The Ski Lift Shootout Coaster isn’t just about the ride; it’s an interactive experience too. Participate in an exciting shootout by aiming and firing at targets on the ground with a laser gun provided before the ride. This exhilarating ride, combined with the stunning Tubing Hill (available through a combo ticket), offers fun for the whole family, making it a must-visit on your trip to Pigeon Forge.


Channel your child’s inner racer with go-karting in Pigeon Forge. You can take them to the Xtreme Racing Center, famous for its fast go-karts. The racing center also lets visitors choose from one of its three unique racing tracks that are smoothly paved but thrilling with turns, twists, and elevated tracks.

The fun doesn’t stop here. Instead of go-karting, your kids can also race water boats at the Adventure Raceway. Besides the spiraling wooden go-kart tracks, your kids will love the bumper boats they can steer on a big pool. It’s the perfect adventure to beat the heat and is even more fun when you can squirt your competitors with water guns!

Immersive Arcade Games

Kids can never get tired of arcade games, especially if there are so many under one roof. At Rockin’ Raceway, your kids can play 150 arcade games. From immersive video games to conventional skeeball, Rockin’ Raceway in Pigeon Forge is home to a diverse range of games.

One of our favorite spots at the arcade is the Power-Up VR Arena, where kids can step into virtual reality and team up on the playing field. Dark Escape 4D also offers a terrifying encounter with a madman besides VR. The game constantly measures the player’s heart rate so they know when to peep up on you, boo!

Experience Indoor Activities

If you feel nothing can exhaust your kids, think again. The TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena has thrilling indoor activities, such as trampolining, climbing walls, dodgeball, and a Ninja course. In the trampoline area, there are several different trampolines where your older kids can jump, flip or tumble. If you have toddlers, take them to the kid zone with a foam pit, ball pool, and smaller trampolines.

The course also challenges kids to bouldering (rock-climbing), as they wear a harness and safety helmet while facing unique obstacles. If your kids feel low on energy, take them to the Sugar Rush Candy Store, where they can choose their favorite candy. 

Go Zorbing

To give your kids an entirely new experience, take them to the Outdoor Gravity Park at Pigeon Forge. The park is popular because of Zorbing, an unusual sport that involves entering a secure, transparent, 11-foot orb that rolls down a gentle 1000-foot undulating slope. The orb is filled with air, so the participants are safe and secure inside the orb as they roll down the hill.

Kids under five years can ride the orb with an adult, whereas kids aged six and above can zorb independently. The Gravity Park is the first of its kind in America, offering a thrilling experience for adults and kids alike.

Cross The Rapids By Rafting

Get your kids’ adrenaline pumping as they speed across rapids in a rubber raft. Rafting is a tourist-favorite outdoor activity accessible just outside the town of the Great Smokies. The Pigeon River is open to whitewater rafting, a thrilling experience with an extraordinary scenic view of the woods. Kids can learn about coordination and teamwork while paddling through fast-moving rapids. The rafts are also equipped with helmets and life jackets, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

Try Ziplining

What could be more exciting than soaring with picturesque views across Pigeon Forge and the Great Smokies? If you aren’t sure, we suggest you head to The Dome Ziplines, where visitors can zipline at 65 feet. You can take your kids up to the top of the dome with trained guides.

Once you reach the top, the guides will securely attach you to the zipline. With a little push, you’ll swoop across the 100-foot sky bridge! Don’t forget to yell Geronimo on the way!


Kids learn a great deal from hands-on experience. So what better way to give them the experience of a lifetime than taking them to Pigeon Forge? Here, your kids can enjoy activities as challenging as paddling the rapids of the Great Smokies. They can also have fun zorbing or ziplining for the first time.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

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