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Top 7 Events Featured in Travel Fairs in Singapore for 2019

Singapore has definitely become one of the world’s most famous travel destinations- and for good reason. Many events in Singapore focus on family, religion, myths and traditions. Because of its versatile multicultural heritage, Singapore’s events are massive and diverse. Everything from religious celebrations to film and music festivals, Singapore has it all.Seven of the most amazing events that happen in Singapore that were presented this year in the Travel Fairs in Singapore.

Just in case your curiosity gets the better of you and you decide to hop on a plane and give Singapore a try, here are some of the most popular events that will make you come back to this beautiful country time and time again.

Events Featured in Travel Fairs in Singapore

Travel Fairs in Singapore

Singapore’s National Day

This special day is celebrated each year on the 9th of August. This is in remembrance of Singapore’s freedom from Malaysia back in 1965. Here you will witness their National Parade, a grandiose fireworks display, and a speech from their Prime Minister.

Spectators, locals and tourists alike can enjoy endless entertainment which includes choir performances, school bands and presentations, and skydiving. Their multi-cultural parade features music, dancing and military personnel, police, schools and various businesses. The second day of the National Day will be witness to the Singapore’s Prime Minister Speech called National Day Rally. It can be compared to the “State of the Union Address” given by the US President. It features their national leader talks about the country’s difficulties as well as its future prospects. As this is a very important occasion in Singapore, proper decorum and utmost respect are expected from the general public.

Hari Raya Haji

Hari Raya Haji is also famously called the Festival of Sacrifice. It is a Muslim celebration commemorating Ibrahim’s willingness to follow Allah and sacrifice his son, Ishmael.  August 11 begins the religious holiday which lasts four days. People during this time are engaging in acts of prayer and sacrifice.

Hari Raya Haji is a public holiday Singapore which urges their citizens to share their blessings with the less fortunate. It has also become a tradition that Muslim people wear new clothes and children get gifts and money from their own families.

Meanwhile, the male Muslims stays in the mosque for prayers and sacrifice livestock to Allah. But because they respect their Indian counterparts as well, cows are never killed- only sheeps or goats. Then the meal is prepared and shared with everyone else.

Night Festival

This event falls on August 17-25, 2019. This street festival celebrated yearly lasts over two weekends celebrating Singapore’s arts and rich cultural heritage. People gather around in the Bras Basah and Bugis Precinct which is located at the center of Singapore’s Museum District and Art Scene. This massive street party is definitely filled with fun and excitement including theatre plays, musical performances, movie screenings, roving street performers, dance and aerial performances, magic, and cultural exhibits.

During this time international performers around the world join Singapore’s local artists. One great thing about this festival is that it is free for everyone to attend and enjoy. The Singapore Art Museum and the Peranakan Museum also allow free admission to their exhibits during festival nights.

Singapore Mid-Autumn Festival

Come to Singapore from August 30th to September 15th of this year if you want to take part in this festival. The Singapore Mid Autumn Festival, also known as the Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival is one of the most famous events celebrated by the entire Singaporean Chinese community. This happens every 15th day of the 8th lunar month and has been celebrated for over a thousand years in China.

Singapore’s major population happens to be Chinese, which makes this festival a very important tradition for them. It centers around worshipping Chang’E, the Moon Goddess for favour and her good fortune. The entire family is involved in celebration. This gives them time to bond while gathering harvest, praying, and offering thanksgiving. People show their gratitude by exchanging moon-cake as gifts. The Lantern Festival will not be complete without savouring the delicious moon-cakes that come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours.

The Festival is celebrated during a full moon which is definitely a sight to behold. Tourists and locals alike flock to the seashore which is the major observation area since you can see perfectly the moon’s reflection as it shines brightly on the crystal clear waters. Then, the energy goes on full blast when the sun goes down. Thousands of lanterns are lit and put on display in the city. This is definitely a breathtaking experience.

Travel Fairs in Singapore

Singapore Grand Prix

Come to Singapore from September 20-22, 2019 for the Singapore Grand Prix. this is one of the largest and most famous events in the country. Tourists come from all over the globe to watch the Singapore Grand Prix, which makes it an excellent opportunity to showcase what this gorgeous city has to offer.

The premiere motor sport event in Singapore welcomes the most talented drivers all over the world. Whether champions or driving enthusiasts, everyone is welcome to come and test their skills on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Some of the most famous winners include Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Sebastian Vettel.

Tons of special events are expected throughout the Grand Prix which includes live music entertainment. The championship’s final rounds are usually the most popular. Thus, during the final days of the event, people swell to tens of thousands. So if you’re planning to successfully witness this amazing event, make sure to book your flights and accommodations early on. And for a worry-free travel, join over 3 million travelers who have been protected by Wanderlust Travel Insurance by AXA Singapore.

Festival for Good

Watch out for the exact date on October 2019 for the Festival For Good. This is a very unique event in Singapore aggressively promoting the world of social enterprises. Everything from health and wellness, technology, fashion, homewards, food, coffee- you’ll dive into a world of endless possibilities.

The Festival For Good features 50 local social enterprises and gives participants an exciting experience which raises awareness for everyone. You can expect a full day of fun and meaningful activities which includes shopping at a pop-up market with socially-conscious merchandise. There are also some talks scheduled throughout the festival which tackle the social enterprise sector and doing well in Singapore. Some of the topics to look forward to includes globalization as it brings cheaper and diverse goods to people’s doorsteps. Everybody should stop and think about what they are spending their money on and the impact that this is creating.


Deepavali means “The Festival of Lights”. It is one of the most important festivals in Hindu which is celebrated in Singapore. It celebrates good over evil, hope over despair, light over darkness. This festival has been celebrated for hundreds of years in India and continues to be a major event in Singaporean culture today.

Mark your calendars on October 27, 2019 for this grandiose festival. Preparations may take five days but the celebrations take part on the darkest night of the Kartik, Hindu Lunisolar month.

Prior to the main event, Singaporeans prepare by cleaning, decorating, and renovating their houses. They also make it a point that they are dressed to the nines when participating in this wonderful occasion. Diyas or lamps or candles are also lighted inside or outside of homes, gifts are exchanged and sweets are given away to children. Henna tattoo is also very popular among tourists and locals alike. This beautiful art is a temporary tattoo made by using a henna plant.

This world-renowned festival is vigorously celebrated in Little India. In here, the streets of Little India are lit up with thousands of lights and different colors. Traditional and cultural activities include Indian craft and heritage exhibitions, countdown concerts and street parades. Stores and stalls in the streets are covered with the most fragrant flowers, garlands, traditional oi lamps, gems, and lovely saris. There are also traditional Indian outfits you can try, costume jewellery and traditional arts and crafts for sale.


Popularly known as the Little Red Dot on the map, Singapore has become popular for the great things it has to offer. It is a nation so diverse in culture and heritage, yet everyone lives in peace and harmony. Local and international foodies flock to the scene for Singapore’s must-try outlets. Singapore also provides an all-year shopping destination, making it a Shopaholic’s Haven. Go on their MEGA island-wide sale and enjoy great discounts during the Great Singapore Sale.  It also offers a fantastic arts culture that you must witness first hand. And finally, it has something for everyone. If you are not up for all the noise and crowds, no problem. You can always visit their quaint neighborhoods where you can experience a fusion of their traditional heritage to the modern world. This doesn’t get any better than this.

So what are you waiting for? Call a friend or gather your families and loved ones and go off to the most unforgettable journey of a lifetime. Come and visit Singapore!

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