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Top 7 Eco-friendly hotels in India for the nature lover in you

Amongst the most essential things to consider as a tourist is to limit your carbon impact and support the notion of environmentalism. Several hotels and modest companies in India have stepped up with the concept of green and sustainable hotels to aid conscious travellers in that same attempt and would further embrace the benefits of eco-friendly travelling. 

Many of the best getaway adventures that all these ecological luxury hotels in India have had to serve will astound you. One can book the hotels online to discover the greatest ideas undertaken to stand by the great notion. Furthermore, you will discover an entirely new world of accommodations, from hiring local employees to implementing programs that would ideally fulfil the criteria for the definition of a green hotel.

ITC Grand Chola

ITC’s environmental hotels in India are well-known across the world, and the group’s Chennai site is the cleanest among them all. It is also the biggest global hotel to receive the LEED Platinum certification. All the hotel’s electricity is generated through wind energy, the site is home to native, adaptive species of plants, solar panels produce most of the venue’s warm water, and production processes were utilised in its development. It shouldn’t hurt to admit that this 5-star powerhouse has lots to offer, from 14 luxury Chola Residences to ten on-site exquisite eateries.

Swaswara, Karnataka

The SwaSwara is a CGH environment cooperative eco-friendly vacation facility. It is located in the wooded hills of Gokarna, with views of the Arabian Sea, and is accessible by aircraft from Goa. They constructed an environmentally friendly hotel with such a zero-waste strategy. Visitors may spend hours rafting, practising pottery, hiking, and reading magazines out of their own libraries while doing yoga beneath a thatched cover on the holy Om beach. Experience the pristine environment around the villa while eating fruits and veggies produced in the organic farms.

Elephant Valley, Kodaikanal

The beautiful Elephant Valley in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu’s trendy mountain village, is situated on the historic pachyderm migratory path. Elephants, in particular, continue to use the path. As a result, Elephant Valley is the namesake of such a green resort. The villas are set in a tropical sphere, where animals roam around minding their own business. The incredible diversity of foliage and animals will astonish you. These views will certainly captivate you, from the delicate orchids dangling from damp rocks near several of the waterfalls to the huge bisons bathing in swampy pools. While the location is wonderful for such an environmentally – friendly vacation, it is their eco-sustainable methods, such as pesticide-free coffee plantations and organic vegetations with avocados, papaya, and lemon, that distinguish it as one of India’s best green hotels.

Chhotaram Prajapat Homestay, Rajasthan

This guesthouse seeks to maintain the spirit of the Bishnoi people’s tribal culture by exhibiting authentic Rajasthani culture and a friendly inviting society. Relish your serenity amid the ethnic traditions and understanding that values the environment, about a half-hour commute from Jodhpur. Unlike many other Hindus, the Salawas practice burying the departed before cremating them, in order to protect the forests. Eco-friendly stays, such as Chhotaram Prajapat’s Homestay, may well not give all of life’s pleasures, but they do emphasize relaxation and connecting tourists’ trip goals.

Taj Safaris, Madhya Pradesh

Taj Safaris has established itself as India’s top premium safari circuit, with four magnificent lodges in the state of Madhya Pradesh: Baghvan, Mahua Kothi, Pashan Garh and Banjaar Tola. Since all four sites offer tours into the national parks (with the potential to see rare tigers and other spectacular creatures), they also strive to offer back to the community. The facilities’ collaboration with &Beyond allows them to provide preservation workshops and assist local schools and parents, as well as assist in the distribution of vital goods to surrounding schools. 

Bhoramdeo Jungle Restaurant, Chhattisgarh

The covered Verandahs of this hideaway are ideal for seclusion and relaxation. These five bedrooms have doors that open to native populations, allowing you to interact with the people of Chhattisgarhi. The landowner is concerned about the tribe’s well-being and safety, and he grins as he walks by. The guests adore the uniqueness, and you become one with the native food. It’s a pleasant 2-3-hour drive from Chattisgarh’s main city. There are many hiking paths available for nature enthusiasts, the greatest of which is the walk to Kanha National Park with an overnighter return journey.

When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, choosing eco-friendly hotels may be a conscientious choice you can make as a person. However, no matter where you are in India, you do not have to forego the comforts of a luxurious resort. In reality, this list of eco-friendly hotels allows you to be immersed in nature while still having access to the comforts you need on your ideal holiday. You can book hotels online with Intermiles to get access to amazing deals and benefits on these eco-friendly retreats for the perfect getaway.

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