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Top 6 Things To Do At Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is a breathtaking, hair-raising (in a good way), jaw-dropping sight to behold. No matter how many times people frequent it, its marvellous views never get old. Thinking of bringing a Yosemite Webcam with you and your friends and family as you head towards this quintessential tourist attraction in the Golden State?

Take a look at the top 6 things you can do for a truly memorable trip to Yosemite. 

What To Do At Yosemite?

1. The Glacier Point Trails 

Get your hiking and trailing gear on. First on this list is the awesome trails that ribbon in and around Glacier Point. Glacier Point stands at a 7,200-foot elevation. But besides this towering grandeur, it’s the hills and valleys around it that make for excellent hiking and trailing. 

Its famous Four Mile Trail Hike, in spite of the number mentioned in the said trail, actually runs for about 5 miles. You can enjoy the view while travelling from one trail to the next. Additionally, if you’re up for it, continue on to Yosemite Valley. That’s 3,200 down from the elevated trails unto the flatter greeneries below. 

2. Yosemite Falls 

This is perhaps among the more iconic spectacles of this national park—Yosemite Falls. From afar, you will already catch a glimpse of water cascading over granite. The Yosemite Falls is comprised of three separate ones— the Upper, Middle, and Lower Yosemite Fall. The first is elevated at 1,430 feet. The second, at 675 feet. Finally, the third, at 320 feet. 

3. Watersports At Yosemite Valley 

As you search for your ideal accommodation facility through Twain Harte Cabins, be sure to include “watersports” at Yosemite Valley on your itinerary. The Merced is a beauty of a river that winds through the valley floor. It’s here that boating, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, and rafting reign supreme in friends and family activities. Plus, parts of the river are open for swimming, too! 

4. Swinging Bridge 

After a hyped-up morning-to-afternoon water-sporting, chill with the fam on Swing Bridge. It’s the perfect rest and recreation area. More importantly, for picnics. As long as you and the clan can ascertain to leave the area clean and green as it should be, you can lounge under the sun and on the banks whether the bridge is situated. Or you can have a photoshoot atop the bridge itself. 

5. El Capitan And Half Dome For Climbing 

An extreme sports aficionado? Yosemite’s El Capitan And Half Dome are two climbing feats that intermediate to expert climbers love to challenge year after year. They were not given their current names for nothing. 

You will have to obtain climbing permits to get the show going. That being said, as long as you pass the park’s requirements, you’ll be able to scale up these gargantuan walls. At least, you can try. 

6. Biking. Simple

Biking may not be as extreme as the watersports stated in number 3. But biking through the Yosemite valley? That’s something beyond ordinary. There are designated trails so that you and the tribe can coast through safely. 

Alternately, if you’re more the bike-adventurist, you will also find trails that require a bit more of a pro-handling, with varying terrains, uplifts, and descents. Feel free to consult trail guides which are available at designated visitor outposts in the park. 

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