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Top 6 Reasons to Visit Haiti This Summer

It’s not long before summer comes, and it should be high time to decide on a vacation destination in the Caribbean. If the jury is still out, then how about Haiti? It has quickly become one of the most sought-after destinations in the world for tourists. And Residence Royale Hotel is ready to receive you at any time. 

cathédrale notre-dame du cap-haitien

In this article, we’ll be talking about the top 6 reasons why you should visit Haiti this summer, so keep reading!

  1. Port-au-Prince Is a Cultural Landmark

Haiti’s Capital, Port-au-Prince, has a rich history that’s just waiting to be discovered. Walk through the bustling city, look around the coastal locations, visit the National Museum and the National Pantheon Museum. You’ll find a piece of history embedded into everything here, from the architecture of the buildings to the way the people speak, their clothing, and even the overall atmosphere.

The iconic Iron Market is also a tourist favorite where many go for shopping sprees, and you’ll often find sweet mementos here to bring home. A warm breeze will accompany you at all times since Haiti is an exotic location, so cold weather is quite uncommon here.

  1. Haiti is a Beach Paradise

When you’re in the Caribbean, you can’t miss out on the beach experience. For sun enthusiasts and not only, Haiti’s beaches are unforgettably gorgeous, to say the least. Imagine the most picturesque and exotic location ever and that’s a Haitian beach. The aquamarine sea extends all over the horizon, interrupted only by the rocky slopes covered in trees that you see on the shore.

Gelée Beach, for instance, is widely known around the world for its pastoral scenery and light-blue waters. Then, there’s the Plage Raymond-Les-Bains, which is another tourist favorite. Don’t take our word for it, do your own research and see for yourself the marvels of Haitian beaches!

  1. Natural Pools Are Sublime

Here’s a question – have you ever jumped into a natural pool? If not, then you have quite something to look forward to because in Haiti, there are several such natural pools. The blue-green waters are towered by the lush scenery gazing at your from the surroundings, creating a surreal picture.

It’s not something you’d want to miss if you ever visit Haiti, but it’s definitely something that may convince you to visit the country. Even if it’s the only thing you do here, it’s more than worth it!

  1. Haitian Food Is Unique

Foodies, paying very close attention to this one! Haiti offers an entire gastronomical adventure for those interested. There are a ton of exotic meals and recipes that you should try at least once, like the tassot, tchaka, macaroni au gratin, and more. Since you’re visiting during the summer, you should also try out the local fruits (tamarind, guinep, and the kowosòl).

Even if you did nothing else than try different foods, you’d be busy for a couple of days with how diverse the local cuisine is. Some restaurants also incorporate other cuisines into their recipes, and the results are more often than not sublime. Residence Royale Hotel in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, does that too – our chefs prepare a wild assortment of meals inspired by American, French, Cajun/Creole, and Caribbean cuisines. We also offer grill, buffet, and A la Carte options.

Convenience, Flexibility and Affordability

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