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Top 6 Financial Tips for the Travel Blogger

Are you planning to enter the world of travel blogging? Do you want to know how to start a travel blog and get paid at the same time? If so, I got your back!So, if you want to start your own travel blog, start saving money, and be one of the successful travel bloggers, check out the excellent advice below and discover the top 6 travel blogger financial tips!

Many people see creating a travel blog as a dream job. After all, getting paid while traveling to different places is like getting the best of both worlds. You can have trips to various destinations on someone else’s dime. Amazing, right?

I started blogging as a hobby, and I even do not have any idea that it can make money or there are travel bloggers existed. All I wanted is to document my travel adventures in beautiful places and then share them with my loved ones. Later on, my content attracted other travelers and even brands.

After almost sleepless nights creating content and creating my travel blogging community, I feel happy and fulfilled with what I am doing.

Financial Tips for the Travel Blogger


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Tip 1: Sign Up for Hosting Plan 

A hosting plan lets you have your own space to do whatever you want, like customizing it with plugins, putting ads on your blogs, and more.

It is a place to store all your travel blog’s data, and people can access it once they surf the web. Don’t worry; a hosting company will care about serving your blog pages to users.

You can find many different hosting companies. But, I recommend opting for a cheap but reliable hosting option. It must offer fast page speeds, plenty of customization, room to grow, and excellent customer service.

Tip 2: Install WordPress 

Now that you have signed up for a hosting plan and have a hosting account, it’s time to get a self-hosted WordPress account.

If you are serious about becoming a successful travel blogger and making money, installing WordPress is advantageous.

Your self-hosted account lets you have your own website URL instead of ending in It also gives you complete control over data, plugins, themes, and ads.

Your self-hosted Wordless account also allows you to use Google Analytics. That way, you can track your site data and reach tourists boards and brands to earn money.

Tip 3: Try Affiliate Marketing 

Even if you are a beginner in making your own blog, it is never too early to get into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing programs are among the best ways to make money in travel blogs. Affiliate marketing companies such as Amazon, Dreamtrips, ClickBank, and the Free 10 euros no deposit casino can be of great use to earn an extra income online while traveling.

You can recommend things like hotels, travel apps, photography equipment, flights, etc. Even if you still have a few readers.

The key to combining travel blogging with affiliate marketing is to promote products you use yourself and genuinely love.

When using an affiliate link, ensure that it suits your travel writing style and naturally fits your articles to boost your affiliate income. The links must not be too intrusive; instead, they should flow nicely with your content.

Tip 4: Share Content on Social Media 

Once you start publishing your new blog articles, you can share them on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest pages. These social media platforms can help you push social media coverage and viral content on blogs.

For example, LinkedIn is excellent for sharing articles, particularly when sharing travel tips and more professional content.

With Instagram, it is best to put a blog link in your bio and update it occasionally with valuable articles for your target audience. If you have 10,000 followers, you can start a “swipe-up” story that can boost your content.

Ensure to give your social media channels a proper focus because no travel bloggers can succeed without an active travel blog community. You can integrate all the posts with your social media marketing and see how your followers grow.

You can also attend industry events to grow your network. You can follow their social media pages, get ideas on writing a great post, and discover exactly what is valuable content for your audience.

Tip 5: Place Ads 

Most established bloggers earn money through ads. When you start your journey to successful blog content, Google Ads is a viable option for a travel blog.

Google Ads is also effective at improving your search engine optimization strategy or Google search results. Other bloggers go with companies like Mediavine once they gain more traffic.

Today, ad revenue is based on targeted traffic, and the most extensive networks require a minimum of 50,000 visits per month. While ads may look your travel website a bit ugly, but most readers do not mind them. They are happy to see that you are earning money.

How much money you can make on ads relies on several factors, including your content topics, the countries or areas where the traffic comes from, and your niche.

For instance, if you are a luxury travel blogger, you can earn more money on ads than a budget backpacker blogger. Plus, advertisers in the UK and US are more likely to pay more for ad spaces than those in Asian countries.

Tip 6: Sell Photos 

Do not only focus on sponsored content or paid press trips. At the same time, it helps boost your income streams and blog income.

For new bloggers, starting a travel blog is not just about writing articles. Photography is another way to document travel adventures.

Photos are an excellent way to inspire people to see and visit the beautiful places you share.

Visual appeal is critical in your site. Besides writing creative topics, photos can attract more readers, travelers, and adventure lovers while improving your freelance writing work.

Photos are also a way to convince your readers that you visited a country or a stunning destination.

You can sell beautiful stock photos online. Many websites can help you sell stock photos, including Alamy, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock. This strategy enables you to gain passive income.

You do not need to do a lot of things other than uploading photos. Then, you will receive payment once people download your images.

Many tour companies and brands sometimes pay for this content type. For example, a travel board may buy your photos in their tourist brochures.

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! Regardless of your reason for making successful blogs, you will experience a different level of fulfillment when you discover that your content inspires other people.

So, follow the tips above and start your successful travel blog journey. Plus, if you want to be an established blogger, keep in mind that blogging is not a “get rich quick scheme. You have to express that you love what you do and be genuine in every blog post.

A successful blogger knows how to write articles that provide value. Happy blogging!

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