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Top 5 Tips for Moving to Las Vegas

Something that a lot of people don’t know is that Las Vegas is a great place to live in. The place is mostly known for its world-class entertainment, huge hotels, and amazing casinos. But Las Vegas is much more than that!

In it, you will find relaxed suburbs filled with families, historical places, and of course, an intense city life. You just need to choose which one of those is the right for you.

Below is a list of five of the main things that you should do or should be aware of before you decide to move to this part of the US. This will make your relocating experience a lot easier and less stressful.

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Top 5 Tips for Moving to Las Vegas

Things You Should Do Before Moving to Las Vegas

1. Research the best areas to live in

Las Vegas has something for everyone when it comes to places to live in. This is why you should do extensive research months before you move. Can you imagine being a family living at a party area? Or being a young, single person who ended up in the middle of the suburbs surrounded by families and nowhere near to meet new people?

Your new job should also play an important part in the items that you consider before deciding on the area you want to end up in.

I know not everyone can do this, but if you are one of the few lucky ones, I would advise going explore the different neighborhoods before you move.

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2. Create a budget ahead

Let’s start on a positive note. There is no state tax in Nevada. So you will be saving that.

The average salary in Las Vegas is approximately $60K. An apartment costs around $850 per month and a house is around $1350 per month, so it isn’t that hard to live on such a salary.

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3. Learn more about the job market

Unless you already come here knowing that there is a job waiting for you, this is the most important thing to think about.

Tourism is the largest industry in Las Vegas, but it is far from being the only one. There are many large companies that have their headquarters or offices in the area, so there is plenty to do for everyone. It is even ranked in the top five startup destinations in the US.

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4. What is transportation like? 

Public transportation is still trying to catch up with the rapid growth of the city. But it doesn’t mean it is bad.

If you will be driving, you will be happy to learn that Las Vegas doesn’t have as much traffic as some of the other major cities in the country. However, avoid areas like the strip or the area known as spaghetti bowl. Instead, try the Beltway.

5. Make as many arrangements ahead of time as possible

Ok, this one is more general. It applies to relocating to any other part of the country.

Once you have your home picked out to try to make calls for services that you will need like, internet providers in Las Vegas. That way, when moving day comes around, everything will be ready for you and your family.


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