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Top 5 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are hugely popular among couples, especially those with a little more money to spend. However, Planning for a destination wedding can prove to be quite a challenge. This is a wedding that needs careful planning so that everything runs smoothly without a hitch when the big day comes. Below are some of the top 5 tips for planning a destination wedding. Planning a Destination Wedding – Five tips that will make Planning a Destination Wedding a lot easier. Take a look at this article.

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Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

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1. Airfare
It does not matter whether you plan to fly with your friends or just the two of you to your wedding destination, it is important that you make a call to the airlines first before even booking your trip. You are supposed to enquirer about the rates to your destination or other nearby locations as well as the rates that you will be charged if you fly in as a group or individually. If you have a travel agent organizing your trip to your wedding destination, it is advisable to let them handle your flights as well as the hotels that you will be spending time in during the occasion. It is also advisable to call the wedding planners on the other side to esquire about the best airline to use when traveling to their part of the country.

2. Dress
After carefully selecting your wedding dress and ensuring that it fits perfectly ensure that you bring your dress as a carry on when traveling to your wedding destination if you will be using a flight. This will save you the trouble of reaching your destination before your dress gets there which will cause panic and might even disrupt your wedding day. The main luggage ought to contain the other dresses that you plan to wear on other days but not the one to be worn on the material day. It might even be a good idea to call ahead and confirm that the airline will indeed

3. Photography
In any wedding ceremony or any ceremony for that matter, photographs are the only form of reminder that stores and keeps the memories of any event alive. It is therefore vital to get a good professional wedding photography service that’s worth every cent of the rates they charge. It will be important to ensure that you book them well in advance to ensure that they will be present for your special day. It is important to shop around for a photographer who has prior experience of taking photographs in the area that you plan to hold your wedding in order to get the best photographs.

You should also ensure that you see their portfolios in order to establish their style and see whether it fits your kind of style.

By far and away the biggest factor should be the quality of their photos, and the best way to get a good sense of that is to talk to photographers who have worked for people you know and trust. A portfolio is always best foot forward, their regular work might not always live up to the hype. Also do not be swayed by optional extras such as bound albums and photo books. These can always be done after the fact at a better price, for instance photographers will often quote on canvas prints at hundreds of dollars per print whereas buying them independently can get you quality canvas prints at a third of the cost or even better. “Wedding prints are one of the most popular pictures our customers send through to get printed on canvas, as it is such a special moment for all involved. Travel photos are also a hugely popular one to get printed, so when you combine the two, travel and a wedding, it’s not surprising that people want to immortalize the moment and share it on a wall hung canvas print” – Tim from TheCanvasFactory.

4. Flowers
It is important to ensure that you check for the availability of flowers in your local area or your destination with your wedding planner before the wedding. This will enable you save a lot of money that you could have used to ship flowers to your destination. It will also lessen your burden as you can utilize the locally available flowers for your wedding.

5. Budget
This is the ultimate thing to ensure that you have and strictly adhere to before commencing with your wedding plans. This will determine the type of wedding that you will have, the guests you will host, the dress you wear and the venue of your wedding. It is important to first of all ensure that you get all the important things sorted out first before investing in other luxurious things.

All the above are the top 5 tips for planning a destination wedding that you should adhere to if you want your wedding to be the best.

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