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Top 5 Things To Do in Rome – Italy Travel

If you talk to a resident of Italy about one of the best and the most famous city there, you will probably get the answer “Rome” and well, it’s actually very true. Rome is a culture rich city and on top of everything, it’s no less than a historical powerhouse. The food here is great and the beaches are also worthy of a visit if you want to have some underwater fun. In a nutshell, it’s one of the very few travel destinations that you will probably never forget as it’s unique and it’s unlike anything that you have ever seen before. There are tons of amazing things to do in Rome. But there are a few that are better and I believe no one should miss. Here are five of them.

Now, if you are planning to visit Rome then know that you are about to take a great step because there are a lot of things to do in Rome. Whether you are traveling with your friends, family or even colleagues, it’s a great place and you will surely have the best time of your life here if you have the right company with you.

Things To Do in Rome

1- Head to the Pantheon

If you want to experience the history that you have been studying in the books then just simply head to Pantheon and you’ll know what we are talking about here. Pantheon is the best place to be in Rome and you will surely love the old buildings and the marble floors that people have been walking on for 2000 years. Honestly, Pantheon is the kind of place that will give you chills so yes, you should visit it.

2- Vatican city

Whether you are Catholic or non-Catholic, if you are in Rome you must visit the Vatican city because this place is just wonderful. Especially all the antiques and the churches here, they are worthy of a visit. Most importantly, the St. Peter’s Basilica is an interesting place to go to so take one day off from Rome and head to the independent Vatican city for more chills.

3- Stroll the Trastevere Streets

No matter who you are and where you are from, one thing is for sure that you will love the Trastevere streets because they are so peaceful and heavenly that one cannot even imagine. The best part is that you can hang around on these streets without any car or public transport and the food here is quite cheap too. It’s a charming place to be in and you must visit it especially in the morning.

4- Food

Italy is famous for some of the finest cuisine and when it comes to Rome, trust us, you are going to love the food here as it’s finger licking good. From sweet to savory, you’ll find it all in Rome and if you are a foodie then that’s much better because this way you’ll definitely have the best time in Rome.

5- Gelato

Do you love eating ice-creams? Well, if yes then you need to be in Rome right now because here you will find ice-cream that will make you drool for more and you can never just get enough of the Italian-styled ice cream. You can easily locate a good Gelato in Rome no matter where you are and we assure you that you will just love the different flavors and shapes you’ll get here.

These are some of the best things to do in Rome but this isn’t it, in fact, there are a lot of more activities that you can indulge yourself in. So, don’t wait anymore, pack your bags, book your tickets and live the life of Rome.

What are your favorite things to do in Rome?

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