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My Top 5 Things To Do In Alaska

Alaska is Full of Adventure and yes it’s part of the United States, but it’s also unique in character! It’s a place where you can’t really describe it with reference to anywhere else you’ve been, which is what makes it a must-visit place! This guide will detail a few of the best things to do when in this beautiful part of the world, from hunting to viewing wildlife, skiing, and viewing the beautiful ice features.5 best Things To Do In Alaska, from the common to uncommon!Look at this short travel guide where you will learn about Things To Do In Alaska.

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Things To Do In Alaska

Top 5 Things To Do In Alaska

1. Fishing And Hunting

Fishing in Alaska is probably the first activity to do. Sure most people would associate trips to Alaska with it would be remiss of me not to mention this but let us look at the options available to you. The huge range of different species available is staggering including Bison, Bears, Caribou, Deer, Elk, and much, much more. If you’re unsure of the area and need an organized hunt or if you are new to hunting it’s very easy to book your hunt with a reputable guide group which will ensure you’re going to be in the right place for the right prey and be helped in any way needed. Be prepared and make sure you have all necessary arrangements and permits sorted out beforehand.

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2. Skiing

With so much ice and snow, it’s no wonder skiing is so perfect for the area up here. There has been organized skiing in Alaska for over 80 years, and it’s becoming more popular than ever, and boasting 169km of slopes it can hardly be regarded as insignificant. There is great infrastructure here for skiing and if you are booked into a luxury lodge in Alaska then you can even take advantage of such activities as heli-skiing where you are taken up the mountain in a helicopter to otherwise difficult-to-reach locations!

3. Wildlife Spotting & Watching

Alaska has some of the most impressive and diverse wildlife you will find anywhere in the world, there is such a diverse range of wildlife you are able to view in Alaska, There are Eagles, Birds, Mountain Goats, Walrus, Bears, Whales and more! There are many excellent guided tours around and whale watching is one of my particular favorites.

4. Glaciers & Ice Features

Finally, being the most Northern Territory in the United States, it’s naturally a frozen wonderland and the glaciers and ice features. There are plenty of glacier tours, boat trips, and cruises, but then there are even more fascinating features such as this amazing permafrost tunnel be sure not to miss it.

5. Explore The History Of This Fascinating Region

It’s easy to enjoy the activities and social aspects of Alaska, but why not take some time out to visit many museums and cultural sites on offer, and you can discover the rich cultural heritage and history of this fascinating region. The history of Russian ownership then passing to America is fascinating and outside of this, there is a strong indigenous culture as humans have inhabited the region for the last 15,000 years.

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