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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Vanuatu

Vanuatu is one of the underrated tropical islands in the part of Oceania, which is renowned for its scenic beauty and fascinating cultures. This part of the world is still untapped yet is one of the favourite places to visit for visitors and adventure seekers. Here is the list of top 5 reasons to visit this nature’s marvel and melting pot, which will instil the desire to visit this island

Vanuatu has the best Kava in the Region

One of the most loved things about this tropical island is that it is the land of nakamals or Kava bars that are found all over the country. These are the most exotic places in the town as they pop up adding, lights to the nightlife, with the addition of snacks, and fascinating sunsets that can melt anyone’s heart. Plus, the visitors get mildly intoxicated on the shells of Kava, making it one memorable deal. 

The Village Life of Vanuatu 

It is the land of hospitality and welcoming people, who cannot be forgotten. The people of Vanuatu, primarily those living in rural settings are extremely friendly and hospitable, and visitors love to engage and dine with those villagers that reside throughout the outskirts of Port Vila. The visit of the villages are deemed as an eye-opener to many of the individuals, as they are being offered scrumptious food, enthralling scenery and lush green field and an in-depth understanding of Vanuatuan culture.

A Stay at the Highway Resorts

These resorts are termed as one of the most attractive places on the planet. Located at almost 15 minutes away from the centre of Port Vila, the Highway Resorts are situated at a private island that encompasses intriguing island scenery, diving, snorkelling and the most unusual underwater post office that is a wonder itself as it never ceases to amaze the visitors and captivates them with its beguiling beauty.

Helicopter Rides in Port Vila

One of the amazing things to experience while visiting the Vanuatu islands are that it offers the guests to get a chance to have an hour-long helicopter ride over the extinct volcanoes near Tanna Island. The exquisite journey begins with a boat ride to the helicopter that is already fastened in the sea, before flying off. The views that are captured and witnessed are of the Highway Resorts followed by astounding views of Etafe Island, with Port Vila Airport being on the list along with the canyons and dense jungles of Vanuatu being made part of the memorable trip, which makes it truly an epic one. 

Adventure Seeking 

The clear waters of all the islands make it an ideal place for diving and snorkelling activities as it draws the attention of many of the visitors. The area is covered with a lot of shipwrecks which offers the chance to explore the clear water and dive deep into the marine life. It provides a clear vision for all the snorkelers in the perfect conditions to be set up. It also offers the chance to go sailing and unleash all the adventurer seeking elements, with vanishing away fear and making the most of the water sports. 

Thus, Vanuatu is one of the archetypal heavens that is not much occupied with the tourist and has many compelling reasons to visit. Surely a marvel of nature coupled with the friendliest of the people and raw sheer beauty of the island, the land hits out of the ballpark. Thus, investment for Vanuatu residency is a smart choice to make in terms of thinking about the future. Perhaps, the investment for Vanuatu is a timely and wise decision, keeping in mind, how untapped the area is. The process is made simple by logging in and seeking complete details on this website, where the only designated agents partnered with the state are ready to guide you to make the right decision for securing Vanuatu visa and citizenship.

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