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Top 5 Reasons to Take a Family Friendly Luxury Safari

A luxury safari for families can come in many shapes and forms and we absolutely delight in organizing these for people, especially since you are usually introducing someone to Africa for the very first time, which is exceptionally rewarding. There are many lodges which are ideally set up to accept young families with babysitters on hand, and young ranger programs and other fun activities to keep the little ones amused, but Africa is also perfectly suited to families with older teenagers since there’s always so much to do. Here are our top five reasons why a luxury family safari is worth a go:

Top 5 Reasons to Take a Family Friendly Luxury Safari

1. Nature
Of course Africa is famous for the wonderful diversity of animals and plants. We understand this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea by any means, but we find that what you see is so extraordinary that even the most uninterested young people will be amazed. There’s a lot of pressure on families when travelling together, after all it’s not often that everyone is in one place together for two solid weeks – nature deflects this pressure and the sights you will see will be life changing.

Luxury Safari
Photo By: Loisaba

2. Culture
Not only is it fantastic for the children to get to see different cultures as it opens their eyes, but every single ancient tribe in Africa revolves around family – this means that all Africans are absolutely amazing with children, knowing instantly how to keep them interested and entertained by the on-goings on a safari, and also enjoying spending time with the young ones.

Luxury Safari
Photo by: Sasaab

3. Malaria Free
If you are a parent who likes to travel to exotic and wild places then of course you are likely to want to introduce your children to this way of life – many of these areas do have health warnings however most parts of South Africa are completely malaria free so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Luxury Safari
Photo by: Duba Plains

4. Private Camps & Lodges
In Africa many of the lodges and camps have small offshoot camps which are two or three suites all attached to each other, often with interconnecting rooms. These are often extremely luxurious but work out more economical for a family of four or over, this means you have private chefs, staff and a private guide and vehicle, what more could you want on safari.

Luxury Safari
Photo by: Tswalu Kalahari

5. Variety of Activities
When discussing with you options for a safari we always like to find out what the family is like as a whole – generally there will be four or five quite different personalities in the family and this is where Africa really excels, many of the luxury family safari camps and lodges we use offer so many different activities that families really can go off and do as they wish when it comes to game drives, boat safaris, walking, riding or quad bikes – the options are endless and we hand pick our properties for their flexibility.

There is so much on offer in Africa that appeals to all ages, and there is nothing like the magic of a safari holiday when it comes to a family adventure.

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