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Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada

Canada is one of the most visited tourist place in the world. It enjoys a geographical location between the Pacific and Atlantic ocean and has a lot of great lakes in its long list of water bodies. Canada is an evergreen travelers destination. Banff National Park and Bay of Fundy are places that make for a good drive and Canada is also among the top road tripping destination in the world.Five of the most Places to Visit in Canada. You can’t miss these amazing locations on your trip.Take a look at this Places to Visit in Canada.

Places to Visit in Canada

Get your documents submitted prior to your trip for Canada Visa. Due to the diverse landscape of Canada and a variety of culture it becomes challenging to choose just five places to mention. Following are the five best places to visit in Canada.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada

Places to Visit in Canada, Montreal, Québec:

Montreal is an epic place where one can witness the clash of cultures. Old Montreal is known for housing the admirable 17th century architecture and downtown is where one can find the amazing skyscrapers and more of cityscape. The city is located in Québec and hence enjoys being and embodiment of the French-British cultures and heritage.

The city covers both extraordinary shopping places as well as great late night party spots. Montreal is also a treat for casino lovers as the place is famous for the grandeurs and riches and therefore the casino here receives a minimum of 18000 visitors a day and thus is one of the most well known Canadian casino.

Places to Visit in Canada, Victoria, British Columbia:

Similar to how Montreal captures the French colonization, Victoria is known for the British culture and is located on Vancouver island, British Columbia. To make the most of its natural splendor one can visit the inner harbor as the place has been developed a lot over the years.

Following which one can head to the waterfront of Victoria, the place is a good spot to take a stroll. The building of Empress hotel serves as the most attractive spot due to its high class and elegant British heritage.

Banff, Alberta:

Situated in the heart of the Rockies the Banff National Park is known for the crystal clear lakes and ice-capped mountains. Lake Louise is the most beautiful attraction here as one can see the reflection of the towering peaks in the calm turquoise water of the lake.

Banff is a versatile destination as it is fun and accessible throughout the year. In winters, the park becomes Canada’s one of the most popular ski spot. One can relax in the ski resort located on Lake Louise or engage in skiing or snowboarding.

Halifax, Nova Scotia:

If you happen to be a sea-person, as in one who finds peace by the sea then Nova Scotia is for you. The place is famous for the rugged shores, a wide variety of seafood and a lot of maritime adventures. The Halifax port here holds a lot of historical events one of which is the rescue of Titanic survivors in 1912. Quaint lighthouses, old boats by the shore add to the charm and tranquility of the place hence making it an ideal seaside holiday destination.

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick:

This awe-inspiring place made it to the list of considerations for the new 7 wonders of the world. This place displays nature at it’s best as it is a mix of land and sea over an area of 170+ miles. The Bay of Fundy has a unique shape that allows the extreme tidal shifts to take place. The maximum variation in tides has been a whopping 48 feet and is the largest tidal variation on the planet.

The tides have been a blessing as it helped create many mesmerizing cliff formations that serve as the jewel to the crown. The place is also known for its summer time event, the Rising Tide festival that brings together artists and musicians who are inspired by nature. Bay of Fundy is also a world famous spot to enjoy lobster with wine.

These five places are just the top five picks, but this is not all as Canada is blessed with more scenic and crazy destinations. The article should pump enough motivation for your trip. Cheers.

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