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Top 5 Places to Visit in Asia

Asia is one of the best regions on the planet to visit if you are looking to experience tons of many unusual cultures. Aside from ancient cultures, you will find some of the largest and most modern cities that you can think of.Five top places to visit in Asia and the reasons why you can’t miss them.Take a look at this list of places to visit in Asia.

Hong Kong Travel Guide

The only downside to Asia is that some regions tend to be extremely expensive for travelers, reducing the time you can stay exploring them if you don’t want to go broke. There are websites out there like where you find coupons and discounts at tours. And for extra bonuses check out the promo code for This allows you even more benefits.

But before you look at tours you have to decide on the places of Asia that you want to visit. So check out this list of some of the best.

5 Destinations in Asia you Can’t Miss

1. Hong Kong
This is a widely known city for its amazing skyline, incredible food, and colorful traditions. It is also a place that you can use to enjoy a modern an amazing city and as a home base for your adventures in the nearby nature parks and mountains.

2. Macau
This one is extremely close to Hong Kong but they are very different. Especially the old city where you get to see buildings with a strong European influence from the colonial days. However, there is something else that makes it special, it is known as Vegas of China.


3. Singapore
Singapore is another modern city, however, this one offers a variety of cultures (Chinese, Malay, and Indian) and is on the lead on becoming a green city. Another great reason to visit is the food. Since it is culturally diverse you will find food from different countries.

4. Seoul
This is the place to go if you want to see temples and ancient palaces without having to leave the comfortable and modern city. The younger crows might also enjoy spending some time at a place where the K-Pop beat is everywhere. This is definitely a place to visit if you want to learn all about sow South Korea is setting itself aside from the rest of Asia with it’s unique attractions.

5. Osaka
This is the third largest city of Japan and is one of the oldest of the country. Foodies will love exploring a slightly different cuisine than the one from the rest of the regions in Japan, while those who love shopping will also get to have an amazing time.

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