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Top 5 Parks And Gardens When You Visit Dubai

Dubai is just not about skyscrapers building and beautiful desserts, it has much more to offer to its visitors and residents. Travelers love to explore the parks, gardens, and other green spaces across the city. Around all these are free or available when you visit Dubai, at very low charges. Here are beautiful park and garden when you visit Dubai.Experience the extravagant Miracle Garden as a Dubai tourist as well as Garden Glow.

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Almost all the parks and gardens are run by the Dubai Municipality. A small cover charge is payable for their maintenance and you can simply pay it with your NOL card. 

If you are in Dubai with your family and looking for recommendations for the best parks and gardens, don’t worry we have got you covered. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best and most recommended gardens to visit with your family. After all,  there are a lot of amazing family-friendly activities in Dubai.

Top 5 Parks and Gardens When You Visit Dubai

Here is the list of the top 5 gardens and parks in Dubai. Also, Car Rental Dubai from any professional rental agency to enjoy your trip at your own pace as a Dubai tourist.

1 – Miracle garden

As shown by the name, Miracle garden boasts marvelous beauty and it is located in the Dubai land district. This beautiful garden in Dubai was launched back in 2013 on Valentine’s day. It is spread across an area of 72,000 sq meters. It is the largest natural flower garden and it has more than 45 million flowers planted in that area. This garden is really a heaven on earth as it offers an extremely pleasant view. It is a favorite for people of different ages. Moreover, the authorities are also going to build the 3D butterfly garden and all the 9 domes will be filled with countless species of flamboyant butterflies. 

2 – Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai garden glows in the world’s best park that is dedicated to glowing in the dark. It is situated within the Zabeel park and it is popular for its beautiful architecture that is inspired by art objects around the globe. The mesmerizing view of giant jellyfish floating above the Zabeel will leave you in awe for days. Make sure to visit it in October as it will open in that month.

3 – Dubai Butterfly garden

The beautiful butterfly garden is located in Dubai miracle garden. It is the house of the 15 thousand butterflies of 50 different species and colors. Along with the butterfly museum, there are educational centers and cinemas that make it the perfect place for families. 

4 – Al Barsha park

This beautiful 52-acre park is set close to the large man-made pond. To enjoy your trip in a better way, you can hire pedal or solar boats for boating. Also, you can choose bikes or e-scooters to enjoy a ride in the park. Also, there are 2 other park areas that are suitable for toddlers and children. The entrance is totally free and you can visit it between 6 am to 11 pm. 

5 – Al Ittihad park

This amazing park is located on the trunk of Palm Jumeirah that appears under a 3.2 km stretch of Palm monorail. It is a great path for strollers and scooters. Your kids will love this place as it has multiple playgrounds and water features. As an adult, you can check fitness equipment, shops, and cafes. The entrance to this park is also free and it is always open so you can visit it anytime. 


We hope that you will like our collection of the best parks and gardens when you visit Dubai. You can visit all these places especially if you are in Dubai with your kids. If this would be the first time you travel in the country, we compiled comprehensive tips for your first visit.

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