Top 5 Outdoor Adventures to Have While Traveling

Other the past few years we have seen a rise in popularity of outdoor activities. It seems like we are now more interested in enjoying the beauties of nature than visiting overly produced touristic places. Five Outdoor Adventures that you can have in almost any country that you visit. Learn all about the top outdoor adventures travel tips.

This is great news. It is making us all much more aware of what we have, what is being destroyed and what needs to be protected. At the same time, it provides amazing opportunities for those looking to have some adventure in their lives.

There are too many amazing outdoor adventures to mention in only one article so I’ll stick to writing about five of my favorite ones.

Outdoor Adventures

My Top 5 Outdoor Adventures

Walking & Hiking

These are by far some of the most common outdoor adventure tours out there and there is a good reason for it. They are an easy way for you to experience nature through moderately well-kept trails and also a moderate difficulty. These are usually only a few miles long and allow you to get to know local forests and fauna without going too deep into the wild.

There are more difficult and longer hikes too, people with a better physical condition and willing to go on rougher trails tend to have a blast doing these.


Anyone who visits places like the Caribbean, Australia or the Maldives where coral reefs surround the land, is likely to find these kinds of tours.

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In them, you yo into shallow waters without any specialized equipment other than fins (find reviews of fins for free diving) and a dive mask. This will allow you to explore the underwater world and a few of the colorful species of fish that live among the reefs. Plus, to get to the diving area, you need to go on a relaxing boat ride.

It is also usually referred to as scuba diving.

Cycling & Mountain Biking

This is actually two categories into one. They are both on board of a bike but there is a big difference when it comes to the difficulty level and roughness of the terrain.

Cycling tours are usually considered easy to moderate and involve going on well-marked trails, without much elevation. These usually take you to enjoy beautiful plantations and forests, at a slow pace. They also tend to be on the shorter side.

Mountain biking, on the other hand, is a much more demanding activity. This takes you off road, up and down between mountains and rivers. It involves tough climbs and steep, fast descents.


No, I’m not being repetitive, this is a completely different thing from the above-mentioned hiking tours. Mountaineering is a much more demanding activity. It won’t just take you on a pretty trail. It will take you on steep hikes in the attempt to reach the summit of a high mountain or volcano. Most of the times it involves being able to use specialized snow equipment.

Places like Central America tend to offer these adventures without snow while South America and Europe offer snowy mountains.


If you love snow and having adventures during the summer you might also be interested in skiing. This allows you to feel an adrenaline rush of sliding down a snowy mountainside at high speeds.

There are skiing slopes for all skill levels and resorts often offer lessons for those with no experience.

Which of these five outdoor adventures would you be most excited about trying? So far my favorites include skiing and mountaineering.

Last Updated on March 2, 2022

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