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Travel Bucket List – Top 5 Things to Do in Turkey

Do you have an upcoming trip planned to Turkey? If so, you’re in for an adventure. Check out these top five things to do in Turkey.With all this in mind, a tourist might feel overwhelmed by the number of things to do. This list might be able to narrow it down a little. Here are 5 things to do in Turkey.The most fun things to do while traveling to Turkey.This is a list of places I would recommend them to anyone about Things to Do in Turkey.

Things to Do in Turkey
Istanbul, the capital of European Tourism

What’s an ideal vacation destination? Is it a place swarming with rich culture?

Is it possible to visit abandoned monasteries, and explore ancient cities?

Are there ancient monuments and legendary cities? Plenty of beaches to walk on and delicious food to eat?

If the answer is yes to all of these, then there really is only one place that fits the bill. Having witnessed the rise and fall of many empires as well as the lives of many cultures and religion, Turkey is full of all the things listed here.


1. Ankara Castle

This castle remains from the early medieval era of Turkey. Guests can explore the castle and everything in its 43,000 square km.

The Ankara houses built in the castle grounds show architectural styles of several different periods. This isn’t the only architectural marvel around the castle. Mosques are something else to be explored by those who love culture and stunning decor.

2. Ephesus

This is a tourist spot that shouldn’t be skipped over on any trip. Ephesus is a city of colossal monuments and marble-column roads. Experience what life must have been like back then in one of the most complete, still standing Roman cities.

A visit here must be planned because it will take a half a day or more at least to go over the entire area.

3. Aya Sofya

Any luxury travel agency in Turkey will say Aya Sofya is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Guests are not only floored by the ornate exterior but also the luxurious, frescoed decor of the inside.

This building serves as a reminder of Constantinople’s might and power. This is a must-do for anyone visiting this country.

4. Cappadocia

Cappadocia is a dream for any photographer. It’s home to unique shaped rocks that have been formed by millennia of wind and water action.

If a hike around the area isn’t in the cards, no worries, Cappadocia is also the top place for a wicked balloon ride.

5. Pamukkale

Pamukkale is one of Turkey’s most famous natural wonders. The pure white rock terraces trail down the slope making it look like an out of place snowfield amongst a green landscape.

This itself is worth a trip, but there is also the ruins of Hierapolis, an ancient spa town that lays at the top of the hill to look forward to. For the best photographs, make sure to visit this area at dusk.

Fun things to do in Turkey

Turkey is a place rich in culture and religion with its ancient cities, endless ruins, and beautiful buildings and landscapes to explore. It’s hard to run out of things to do in Turkey, and the food is top notch. Write Turkey on the bucket list of places in the world to visit.

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