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Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations

The wedding is over, but the celebrations have barely begun! A romantic honeymoon is the best way to keep the excitement going. To help you find the post nuptial dream getaway, we’re listing some of the best locations for you to relax and enjoy your new life partner. Five of the most romantic and beautiful places to visit for the perfect Honeymoon. Learn all about honeymoon destinations.

From historical cities to clear-water tropical beaches, these locations are the perfect backdrop for your time away. Anyone of these destinations would be suitable for couples who want to indulge in the finer things and celebrate their new life together. 

Honeymoon Destinations

5 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations

The Caribbean

Imagine holding your new spouse while being embraced by warm crystal-blue water so transparent that you can see your feet. The incredible sea is only matched by white sand beaches that seem to glow in the sun. This is the Caribbean.

American couples who don’t have a passport will find all they need in an exotic getaway in the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

There is no doubt that the Caribbean islands are the prime location for luxury accommodation, but narrowing it down can be tough.

Relax, enjoy cocktails, dancing, and the perfect weather, all while thinking about how lucky you are to be together. 

Fiji Islands

Fiji has everything you need from a honeymoon. From turquoise water to luxury resorts, the environment is ideal. 

With 333 islands that cater to love-birds of all kinds, this place is different from any other destination. 

The beaches of the Yasawa and Mamanuca islands are the closest you will get to heaven on earth. 

Our favorite thing about this country is the people. From drinking kava in traditional tribal environments to surfing at Cloud break, there is something for everyone. 

Culture lovers can engage with one of the most different social systems, still very much present and rich in our world. Adventure lovers can dive, surf, and explore the incredible coral reefs. 

This place has an incredible other worldliness that will make you fall in love with your partner and your life all over again. 

If you want to get as far away from reality as possible, Fiji is where you should go. 


Located in the heart of Indonesia, Bali is a tropical paradise. Everything about the island is magical, from the landscape to the architecture. 

Bali is a favorite destination for all kinds of travelers because it’s easy to live a luxurious lifestyle without an insane price tag. 

A honeymoon in Bali is full of waterfall chasing, vibrant culture, loads of sunshine, and cheap eats. The days are full of romance and adventure. 

There is something for every newlywed from yoga lovers to thrill-seekers. The beaches are epic, and there are many islands to visit on day trips. Visit Bali and immerse yourself in a new and rich culture. 


The city of love! For those who prefer the city to the jungle or beach, Paris is the ideal honeymoon destination. Celebrating your romance in Paris is always a good idea. 

History lovers will fall head over heels for the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame. For an incredible view of the city, visit Sacre-Coeur.

As you stroll along the Seine, you will be amazed by the culture and beauty of the iconic city. When in Paris, you must eat at as many restaurants as possible. The food and wine is notoriously the best in the world.

For extra fun, consider taking a cooking class. You’ll be able to please your spouse for life once you learn the secrets of French gastronomy. 

Greek Islands

With Dionysian energy and the bright Mediterranean light, Greece is a sensual and spectacular country to visit for your Honeymoon Destinations. 

The simplicity of the island life and the unique and charming architecture is perfect for relaxing and admiring the beauty of the surroundings. 

Santorini is a top spot because the beaches are incredible. The islands are dotted with whitewashed houses with blue domes; this place is worth exploring. 

On top of the fantastic views and laid-back culture, Greek food is incredible, and it is nearly impossible to come across a bad meal. 

Happy Honeymoon, Hunting!

Each one of these five destinations will provide the perfect setting for starting a new life together. With resorts and services tailoring to you and your partner, the Honeymoon Destinations is bound to be the best week or two of your life.

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