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Top 5 Hiking Tips for Solo Women

woman hiking outdoor
  • Get informed 

Do well to educate yourself about the environment you plan on hiking. This way, you will be ready to face possible situations that may arise with their solutions. Picking popular and well-marked trails is advised. But if you do want to try somewhere new, make sure you research enough about the area. Check the weather, as well as the weather patterns over the years, and make sure the gear on you is appropriate for the environment. 

  • Pack all the Essentials 

When hiking, staying comfortable and hydrated is vital. However, hiking can be dehydrating. As such, without enough water, you may not be able to go all the way. But it’s not only the quantity that matters; the water quality is essential as well. Bad water contains various components such as nitrates and Fluoride, which can cause harm to your body. Therefore, ensure you bring good, filtered water along with you. Here’s helpful water quality information that can improve how you drink water.  

Another essential is a satellite or GPS communicator. They are lightweight and will come in handy if you want to reach out to family or other people for help. 

  • Experience is the Better Teacher 

Sometimes, it’s hard to get it right the first time, which is why you should learn from an expert first. If this is your first time hiking, then it is advised that you’re not alone. Some skills are imperative for you to learn, like how to navigate using maps or compasses or handle blisters and pitch a tent. It would be best if you learned from others to know how to do these things. This way, when you do go solo, your knowledge of wilderness safety will provide the confidence you need. 

  • Keep People Aware of your Solo Plans 

This is just a safety precaution. You can let your friends or family know your specific routes, your possible alternative routes, how to reach out to you, and what day or time you plan to return. This way, they know when it’s time to step in. 

  • Know Your Limits 

When hiking, there’s no pressure for you to prove you’re superwoman. You know your body’s strengths and weaknesses, so try not to push yourself too hard. Especially if this is your first attempt hiking alone. We advise that you choose a less difficult trail to navigate along with an appropriate distance. You can challenge your body, but do not push it too hard.

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Solo hiking is an experience of the senses, and it usually results in some pretty fabulous memories! There are risks, of course, like falling over on a steep hillside or injuring yourself on rocks sticking out on the path that you were too busy looking at your feet to notice. Still, if you keep these tips and essentials in mind, hiking would come as an enjoyable experience. 

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