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Top 5 Gambling Places in Latin America

If you are planning to travel to the south and gamble, here are the best South American gambling places you should visit and as soon as possible. Yes, there are a lot of South American gambling places but these 5 are a bit special. These offer the best experience and countless perks that are not common for the rest of the world. Anyway, let’s see the best casinos in Latin America and explain each one so you can enjoy baccarat, slots, or gambling in general to the highest level possible. Without further ado, let’s begin sharing and revealing the most important details.

Ocean Sun Casino, Panama Bay, Panama

This casino is owned by the J W Marriott group and it is the most luxurious place on the continent. It is therefore the best South American place where you can test your luck. There are 600+ slots and around 37 table games so you do get all the perks and all the possibilities when it comes to your next playing session. It’s no wonder why this is one of the most popular gambling destinations in the world. Of course, you can enjoy the presidential suite, other suites, and 3 floors of games.

Those of you who want to gamble online should check the reviews of the best trusted online sites for gamblers. It is difficult to find these casinos so a high level of attention is needed. Thanks to LeafletCasino now you can get the answer within seconds and enjoy playing as you like at a safe and trusted casino. Keep in mind that this is one of the main things to consider when looking for a new place to gamble.

Atlantic City Casino in Lima, Peru

You may have heard about indigenous artists occupying Bahia’s museum or that the Latin American film festival returns. These are all well-known facts. Another fact that we all know about is that Atlantic City Casino in Lima is a stunning place for gamblers. It is loaded with all kinds of options and luxury touches. Players can enjoy delicious food and complimentary drinks which are given on a regular basis. The casino is paired with a high level of security and has been attracting professional gamblers from all over the world. It is also known as one of the best sites to visit when in Lima.

This is not one of the newest casinos. If you want these, be free to check the new online casinos list and pick the one you like and see which features you can expect. New sites are appealing due to higher bonuses than average and usually new and futuristic features players can use.

Casino Iguazu, Iguazu Falls, Argentina

You all have heard of the Trilenium casino that is located in this country as well. Trilenium casino is one of the gambling sites that has it all. It’s no wonder it is the most commonly visited place in the country when it comes to this hobby. Casino Iguazu is popular as well. First of all, this is a resort. It has been open for 30 years and it is very popular in South American countries. As for the casino, it is great. Players can play roulette, poker, blackjack, and many more games. Slots are available as well. It is a direct rival to Plaza Maruma hotel & casino and many travelers have been choosing a first or second place. Crowne Plaza Maruma hotel has specific perks to offer as well. Keep in mind that these are some casino hotels & resorts so you do get 2 perks.

Every single country and every single city has a casino that should be visited. For instance, the best casino in Montreal is a hot topic today. In a nutshell, we can add that gambling is popular and common these days. Sports betting is common in South America and other parts of the globe. Slot machines are extremely common in any online casino and in Las Vegas. South America does offer all the perks we have just mentioned. Yes, at all sites you can play Punto Banco.

Sun Monticello, Mostazal, Chile

This place was known as Monticello Grand Casino. For some, it is still known as Monticello grand casino but the new name was established in 2009. It was a massive event with Jennifer Lopez singing at the opening. Don’t confuse this place with a vital remote education program or with modern art related posts. This is one of the casino hotels & resorts that deserves your full attention. Players can play many different games such as poker, slots, table options and more. The auditorium has over 1800 seats which is impressive.

Thanks to all of this, it has been known as one of gambling cities for professionals and experts from all over the globe. You may want to learn more about Latin American culture directly and art related posts post details. While there make sure to check out Latin American film festivals and South American beauty spots.

City Center Rosario, Rosario, Argentina

If you like Crowne plaza Maruma hotel & casino, you will love this place. It is the largest establishment of this kind on the continent. It is located in Santa Fe and attracts millions of players on a yearly basis. People from all over the globe come to Southern America to get the best casino experience. The only other place that can measure is Buenos Aires casino. The casino here has over 3000 slots and countless other games. There are special VIP rooms for professional players. An interesting fact is that users who prefer online casinos still have great fun here.

You can expect a good time while playing and you can enjoy one of a kind casino gaming in South America. The perks are impressive and stunning in the lack of a better word. Casino gaming is more than just popular these days.


These were the top 5 casino hotels & resorts in Southern America where you can see the best and the most advanced gambling sites. There are countless perks and possibilities here so all you have to do is to choose the one place you like and have the best time in your life. These locations tract millions of players from all over the world due to several reasons as you can see above. Which place do you like the most? All of this is possible thanks to America South America perks.

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