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Top 5 Features to Look for When Choosing a Sleeping Bag

Are you looking forward to a memorable experience, or would you like a miserable time spent under the stars? Do you know a good sleeping bag, which is suited not just for the respective usage but also your needs and comfort level, can be the difference between either one?Sleeping Bag – Five things that you should consider before you buy a seeping bag.In this article you will learn about sleeping bag.

So, irrespective of the activities or the season you have planned for, here are the top 5 features you should be considering when shopping for a sleeping bag.

therm-a-rest women's down sleeping bag

1. Fill
A down filled bag, as a compressible and durable fill, is the best option to go for when you want a bag that take less space and is lighter, warmer, and long lasting. The quality investment isn’t cost-effective though, noting too that they need to be treated to water-resistant technologies to stay warm. In contrast, the synthetic-filled bag are more common for being easy to clean, efficient, and cheaper especially among individuals who are car camping and wouldn’t be much troubled by its space/weight.

2. Shape
The most popular shapes you will come across for features of new sleeping bags include rectangular and mummy. The bags are supposed to keep you warm with a layer of dead air inside adjacent to your body; the roomier it is, the less efficient a sleeping bag it is going to be. Choose the (double) envelope/rectangular if you are adults, shopping, or if you prefer greater freedom of movement; choose the mummy-shaped bag if you would like to keep warm and think there will be some backpacking involved as well.

3. Temperature Rating
Another important aspect of a sleeping bag you have to consider is its temperature rating. Factors like what temperature you feel comfortable sleeping in and where exactly will you end up using the bag itself determine the rating. A bag that has been designed for camping during summers in your back garden only will be different from the one you should be buying if the scaling a wild mountainous terrain. But take note, the temperature rating you see on the bag is but a theoretical guide of the lowest temperature it can endure while keeping you warm.

4. Fit
While most of the sleeping bags will be engineered with the standard, unisex sizing, it is better if individuals were to lean towards bags with a specific fit. And with that perspective, women especially should start looking for women-specific bags that are narrower around shoulders, wider around hips, and provided with extra insulation near the feet. But that is not suggesting that slimmer and/or taller women cannot opt for the unisex option as well the same as men can prefer the other bags.

5. Extra Features
It may be that you make the purchase as soon as a sleeping bag delivers on the aforementioned points. But features like the material of lining (is it nylon, polyester, or cotton), at the zippers (how easy they are to close up and stay locked up), hood, neck muffs, and built-in mosquito net make it extra special.
You want to get the most out of your sleeping bag then you had better do your homework before choosing the right one.

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