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Top 5 Countries for Healthcare Volunteer Projects

Healthcare is a basic right for all human beings. Unfortunately, there are still places and people all over the world lacking access to basic healthcare and living in dire and unhygienic environments. Geographic difficulties and understaffed medical institutions contribute to the situation. That is where you as a medical volunteer step in.Five of the top places to visit if you want to be a volunteer al healthcare projects.Take a look at about healthcare volunteer projects.

Healthcare Volunteer Projects

Healthcare volunteer programs need hands-on work support for conducting interviews with patients, taking their vital signs, monitoring procedures done by local staff and working for campaigns and public health discussions. For medical professionals, more challenging experiences await in this field. The variety of healthcare projects definitely offers an opportunity for everyone.

Here are the Top 5 countries for Healthcare Volunteer Projects


Get a firsthand experience of the health system in Ghana by volunteering to fight and campaign for awareness of major diseases and basic hygiene across the country.

Diseases of malnutrition, malaria and problems of oral health and basic hygiene need to be tackled across the country.

Volunteer projects focus on outreach and support programs for an alleviation of poverty and community development in the country.


Rapid economic growth has resulted in new medical centers, clinics and hospitals in the country but with more than 20% of the population below the poverty line, there are a lot of opportunities to Volunteer in India for programs in healthcare.

Persistent marginalization of certain communities has cornered them without access to basic necessities like healthcare. The majority of the citizens battle with diseases like Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

Volunteer to help elevate healthcare in slums and in rural areas or work in the growing research departments of the country.

Furthermore, the vibrant culture of India guarantees a memorable stay.


Volunteering in Indonesia can be a spiritual experience by learning the traditional methods of healing. Participate in volunteer programs in Indonesia and learn how western medicine can go hand in hand with local beliefs and therapies.

Programs invite volunteers to teach basic hygiene in schools or work in community build up programs to spread awareness on healthcare.

The visits to the local temples as well as the lively culture all around you, are just the cherry on the cake to make your stay absolutely worth it.


Travel to Tanzania to get an insight in to the country’s local healthcare system.

People there are majorly fighting the costly HIV/AIDS treatment.

You can also find programs that work on initiatives to make basic hygiene like drinkable water accessible to undeserved communities. There is a lot more you can do for the local communities there as well by participating in other programs or by traveling the amazing marine and safari parks.


Peru has been diligently working on its healthcare system for the past two decades. However, many problems still exist as there is an unequal distribution of healthcare access between urban and rural areas.

Diseases like dengue fever, hepatitis, and typhoid are widely found in the country. Volunteer programs provide much-needed assistance at the local clinics where one can learn the Peruvian culture and play a significant role in the undeserved local and rural clinics of the country.

Spanish speaking volunteers are preferred to make the communication between the patients and the doctors more flexible in Peru.

Furthermore, incredible sights like Machu Picchu can make volunteering in Peru an unforgettable experience.

Browse more healthcare programs to your liking on Volunteer World and take off to save the world.

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