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Top 5 Bike Trails in Nevada You Have to Explore

Are you looking to hit the road with your two wheels during your time in Nevada? If so, you’re in luck. Nevada has some amazing bike trails and here I’m going to list the best bike trails in Nevada you have to explore.

If you’ve got a biking trip planned to Nevada, how will you choose between the tens of thousands of available biking trails? There’s so much landscape and curious wildlife in Nevada that narrowing down your trail options might turn into a burden fast.

That’s no way to start off your vacation!

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Bike Trails in Nevada

To help out, here are 5 of the top bike trails in Nevada that will be sure to deliver excitement, beauty, and the taste of freedom:

Best Bike Trails in Nevada

On your trip to Nevada, make sure to stock up on plenty of water and find creative ways to beat the intense heat. Biking the Nevada trails in the dry and hot weather is a unique challenge, and only serious enthusiasts should consider it.

While you’re there, you may want to see some of the Vegas sights to get the most out of your trip. However, if you’re catching some of the best bike trails in the world, here’s a helpful list to get started:

Badger Pass Loop

Located near Blue Diamond, the Badger Pass Loop is a singletrack trail with plenty of places to stop off and sightseer. The climb is gradual and not too demanding on the biker, so this trail is easier than most and great for beginners.

The trail finishes off in a few fun downhill slopes to wrap up an already exciting excursion.

Bootleg Canyon

The trail at Bootleg Canyon is actually a large series of trails with types for every level of biker. Pros and novices alike will trek gorgeous sights through 35 miles of singletrack trails in Bootleg Canyon.

This one never escapes the “best of the best” lists for Nevada biking trails. Don’t take it from us, try out a Google search.

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Bristlecone Loop Trail

Bristlecone Loop Trail located in Mt. Charleston is a simple but one-of-a-kind trail that’s great for beginner bikers. The trail itself is short, but the unique sights around Mt. Charleston are breathtaking.

Bristlecone is near Vegas, so you might like to stop in and see what all the fuss is about. If so, check out the Vegas travel advice at

Tyrolean Downhill

For the more adventurous, the trails of Tyrolean Downhill provide fun and excitement wrapped into a sightseeing extravaganza. This trail comes with plenty of drops, turns, and bumps for a more exhilarating bike ride than most.

Tyrolean offers both singletrack and doubletrack trail options.

Flume Trail

If you’re headed to Nevada for bike trails, then you’ll want to keep Flume Trail on your radar for the sights of Spooner Lake (if nothing else). Google image search the location to get an idea of the visual wonder you’d have in store for you.

This is an easy single-track bike trail with a handful of technical areas that even the most seasoned of bikers can enjoy.

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