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Top 5 Best Deer Hunting Destinations in USA

The best spots for deer hunting in the USA depend largely upon what type of deer you prized most. To try and give an accurate representation of the top five best places to hunt deer in the USA, we had to create a combination of deer types. If you are a freshly budding hunter then this one is for you… here are the top spots for catching your deer, this coming season.The best spots for deer hunting in the USA depend largely upon what type of deer you prized most.Top five best places to hunt deer in the USA.

Deer Hunting

Where to go to Hunt Deer in the USA?

Let’s take a look at the best places you can hunt deer, this year.

1 – Pennsylvania

It’s a well known fact that Pittsburgh and Philadelphia make for great hunting grounds, it’s also this states best kept secret that the mountains are filled with bucks. Bradford County makes for historically the best hunting grounds, with the biggest recorded buck having been bagged there. There are more than a million acres out there, ready for your rifle. Make sure you top up on cold weather hunting clothes before you go.

2 – Kentucky

If you are looking to bag a whitetail deer – as most of us are – then you need to head to Kentucky. This state is internationally renowned for bucks, beautiful scenery, and more than a million-and-a-half acres of prime hunting grounds. It’s not just whitetail deer in this county, either there are special varieties all over the place. Check gone outdoors if you want to bag a buck in Kentucky.

3 – Iowa

Iowa has the highest number of Whitetail deer of massive size than any other state. Some 200,000 deer make this place their home, and the rich farmlands give them plenty to eat. The farmers might even thank you if you hunt them off their land… It is a constant fear that the deer population in Iowa will one day become out of control and take over the farmlands. Iowa makes the perfect example to all those hunting protestors. Without us keeping the deer population down, the food resources in Iowa would seriously suffer.

4 – Texas

Another famous Whitetail spot is in Texas, and you won’t need that cold weather gear down there! It is one of the highest states in terms of percentage deer per yearling buck harvest. Texas has the fifth highest number of bucks per acre than any other state, so it makes sense that you would hunt here. The North American whitetail Association has more info.

5 – Colorado

Let’s turn our attention to mule deer for the final location. Colorado is renowned for being the state filled to brimming with mule deer. You might also want to try Wyoming or Montana if Colorado is too far away. Colorado has the largest mule deer population in the entire country, as verified by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. This region provides the perfect forested habitat combined with plains for them to get fat through summer. If you want to bag a mule deer this season, Colorado should be first on your bucket list.

Want More Tips and Tricks?

You can find more tips and tricks for hunting all types of deer in America by getting out there and giving it a go. You will never truly know how good a hunter you are until you give it a try. Good luck, happy hunting, and don’t forget to keep safe.

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