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Top 5 Most Awesome US Cycling Routes

Cycling isn’t just a way to get good exercise, it allows you to experience the outdoors, connect with nature, take a scenic tour of the country, and see some of the nation’s most famous sites and parks like never before. Millions of people in the US go road biking each year as a hobby or as part of a vacation tour. Packing up and hitting the road to see and experience the most storied cycling routes in the United States can be a fun adventure, but you should make sure you’re prepared first.

Now that you know what to take along, here are the top five cycling spots in the United States that you should definitely give a try.

Top 5 US Cycling Routes

US Cycling Routes

There are many types of biking trails from road bike routes to mountain biking trails, I recommend having the proper bike for the route you go on.

  1. Going-to-the-Sun Road, West Glacier, Montana

Montana has some of the most majestic views of any state in the nation, which makes it a prime place to go cycling. In West Glacier is a 50 mile route that’s paved with glacial lakes, lush meadows, and wildlife including bighorn sheep and mountain goats. Make sure you’re well-rested before tackling this route, as there’s an 11 mile stretch where you’ll climb up 3,000 feet in elevation.

  1. Mt. Evans Climb, Idaho Springs, Colorado

There’s a 27.6 mile cycling route in Colorado, Mt. Evans Climb, that is the highest paved road in the United States. All around you will be expansive views of the Rockies — you’ll need to be prepared to go cycling at a high elevation. While riding to the summit of Mt. Evans you’ll encounter Chicago Creek Canyon, Echo Lake, and the Eastern Plains.

  1. Oregon Coast, Tillamook, Oregon

Cycling 86.2 miles along the Oregon Coast will prove to be a very memorable experience — the state has one of the most beautiful shorelines in the country. You’ll see waterfalls, sandy beaches, forests, tide pools, and much more as you take on this long cycling route. Start out in Tillamook and take in all of the lovely scenery around you. There will be plenty of small places to stop for food breaks, and you may also want to stop and tour some of the historic landmarks along the route.

  1. Road to Hana, Paia, Hawaii

This famous 44.5 mile route that starts in Paia, Hawaii will take you through the seaside village of Hana and over nearly 50 bridges. During your ride, you’ll also experience more than 600 hairpin turns. This is a route that’s best for those who are comfortable cycling with traffic. Plan some time to stop and admire the breathtaking waterfalls, formations, and landscapes around you.

  1. Little Switzerland, Fredericksburg, Texas

Located in the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country in Fredericksburg, home to one of the best rural cycling routes in the Southwest. Lance Armstrong trained on this 41-mile route, and if you’re looking for a scenic tour you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place to go for a ride. The springtime provides amazing views of blooming wildflowers, and the weather then won’t be too hot and muggy. All of the hills you’ll go over are 300 feet or less, so it’s not too taxing a route.

Get the Right Gear

The most essential thing that you need before for a safe bike ride is a reliable bike. This will make or break your experience and greatly affect how comfortable you are while you’re riding around the country. The type of terrain you’ll ride through, your physical stature, and your biking experience all factor into choosing a bike. To find the best road bike for your needs, try reading reviews and tips at a site such as

Preparing to Go Cycling

Along with quality gear, you’ll need to pack water and small snacks to keep up your energy, such as granola bars, dried fruits, or nuts. You’re sure to get hungry on the trails, and you don’t want to end up dehydrated or exhausted. Lastly, dress for the season and wear layers that can easily be added or taken off if it gets too cold or warm while you’re on your excursion.

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