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Top 5 Attractions of New York City

New York is regarded to be the city that never sleeps. Here are some ideas for things to do in New York. Yes, it is the place which is known for its business, jobs, and of course sightseeing. Well, considering the list of tourist spots, the city has been fetching ever-increasing tourists from across the world. Yes, it comprises of so many attractions, that mere counting on your fingertips may even lose your count, literally. You should also book space with an NYC luggage storage company so you don’t have to drag a big suitcase around town while you wait for your New York City hotel room to be ready.5 attractions to see and do in NYC. How about Statute of Liberty, or a horseback ride in Central Park.Read the rest of the article for ideas.

Things To Do in New York – Top 5 Attractions

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Times Square

No matter which ever part of the world you live, if it is New York, there has to be a Times Square. Yes, the spot has become the “awesome face” of the bubbling, ever rising, spectacular and continuously moving city. Those mountains like electronic billboards, theaters, glittering lights, etc will give you enough reasons to be awestruck to the core.

Statue of Liberty

Even been a proud witness to the statue of Liberty or Empire State Building? Well, come right away to the place and experience what it takes to be the closest spectator to the magnificent sculpture in town.

Central Park

You won’t justify your trip if you don’t visit the Central Park. An attraction where you tend to relax, feel calm and composed amidst not so jam packed hustle and bustle of city life. You can be the best witness to Strawberry Fields, Central Park Zoo as well as Central Park Lake. So, what’s the best way to move inside? Well, you have nothing to worry, thanks to Central Park Pedicab Tours which has been in the service of the tourists from across the world with its quite interesting rickshaws that you would love to try them once and forever for sure.

How about sitting in a relaxing, comfortable, eco friendly rickshaw with an open way to get you 360 degrees of captivating view of the central park quite like what you have seen in the movies? Yes, that’s the best way to enjoy the views where you feel jolly of getting detailed insights about the significance and importance of the structures and places from the friendly, cultured, educated and well mannered rickshaw pullers. You don’t want to miss it for sure.

Travel has so many interesting things which enhance the glory of time further. Sometimes, we drive the biggest of happiness from the little things and taking such a tour would give you “wow” moments too.

There are tons of options of what to do in New York.

Go to Broadway plays

How about becoming a proud spectator to Broadway plays? You would love every passing second inside the renowned Broadway Theater District.

Visit conservatory water

Yes, if you have visited it before, it would be a nostalgic experience, while for others; you would love the captivating sight. In summers, you can do boating, while during winters, you would love to try your skills on ice skate. You would have grown up with the familiar Alice in Wonderland story, so now it is the time to revisit the sculpture nearby as well.

Final thoughts

“Travel like there is no tomorrow” and the above places would refresh yourself by actually giving a detailed insight of the series of attractions which New York actually offers to you.

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  1. Very interesting post.I like new york and I think it is one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist attaractions in the world.Personally I prefer the Times Squarr.It us my favourite in new york city.I am already making a plan to visit there next year.
    Thanks for sharing this helpful poat.

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