Top 5 Types of Trips to Take Before your Kids Leave for College

Having your kids go off to college can be as exciting as it is sad. As much as you have worked hard to raise independent young adults, no one wants to see their kids go and not have them near every day.Four of the best family trips that you can go on before your kids leave for College.Take a look at this list of best family trips.

But you can always travel to make this transition a bit easier and to be able to remember it in a fun way. So before your kid is done with all of the preparations to leave for college Take him/her on a trip that both of you will always remember.

There are many types f trips you can take depending on your kid’s passions and tastes.

best family trips

5 Trip Ideas Before Your Kids Leave for College

1. Adventure

This is the one my husband and I will take our oldest son to when the time comes. Our oldest son is so adventurous! He loves climbing, mountain biking, hiking, and surfing.

I am already looking for a place where we can combine at least two of his favorite activities. Maybe camping near a popular climbing site would be a hit with him.

What are your kids into?

2. European Cities as Best Family Trips

Taking a short tour of at least 3 cities from Europe, by train, for example, can be a lot of fun. It can also be an extremely educational experience for your kid. It will show them about some of the different ways that people live.

Plus Europe has tons and tons of amazing and historical places to see.

3. Cruise trip as Best Family Trips

If your kid is more interested in relaxing, enjoying some sun, and all-inclusive accommodations, cruising is your best option. It will be your chance to indulge in all sorts of spa treatments, shopping, great food, pools, beaches, shows, and much more.

4. Best Family Trips As Road Trip

But you don’t need to leave the country or pick only one destination. Road trips are always a fun adventure that takes you along tons of amazing places and you get to combine all sorts of experiences along the way. It is all about organizing a good rest-stop itinerary.

Plus, spending so much time in a car together allows you to bond.

5. Best Family Trips At Go Crazy at a Theme Park

Large theme or amusement parks with rides that appeal to older kids are usually a hit! Some of the largest ones around the globe will be able to offer you days and days of entertainment before you get bored of them.

These usually come with kid-friendly resorts too, making them the perfect place for a family getaway.

Which of these do you think suits your kids the most?

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best family trips

Last Updated on December 26, 2021

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