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My Top 4 Packing tips for New Travelers

Traveling continues to be a popular choice for many upon leaving university. This is to gain life experience prior to starting working life for example. Many also go away on small trips throughout the year, so packing is always important. Keeping your belongings secure in plastic crates or travel bags is a key factor to take into account, in order to reduce potential damage.Four of my top tips that will make packing for your next trip a lot easier.This is a list of packing tips for new travelers.

Packing tips for New Travelers

Here we cover some important packaging tips for travelers

Documents are number one prior to traveling. Without them, you will not be able to step foot on that plane. With travel experience means the greater likelihood to require special visas for different destinations. Your passport is the most important document and must have at least 6 months left before its expiration date upon traveling. You should also bring an extra form of identification and a digital copy of your passport. This is in case it is lost or even stolen. Travelers should also print out all flight, accommodation and contact details they will require in order to help assist themselves. 

Medication, prescriptions and a first aid kit are also important, especially for those traveling for a lengthy period of time. Of course for prescriptions, these should always be on you in case of delays and accidents that can and do happen. You should also consider carrying a copy of your prescription on you, in case you need to acquire more when abroad. With this point you should also check that the medication is valid in the country you are traveling to. A first aid kit is also a safe addition to your pack and for those who suffer from allergies, it would be a wise move to carry an EpiPen along, to be extra safe. 

Toiletries can of course be purchased while you travel, but many prefer to take these along with them. You could have preferred brands that will not be the same quality when purchased overseas. It is also important to take travel essentials such as sunscreen, repellent and a universal charger. It could also be a good idea to take the likes of purification tablets, hydration tablets and electrolytes, when traveling to warm and humid climates. This is in order to stay hydrated at all times. 

The final factors are packing the correct clothing and footwear. Different destinations will require different clothing that is suitable. Such as if you are an active adventurer it would be important to bring a quality rain and wind jacket to help protect you from the elements. Suitable active and durable footwear are also essential for those taking part in treks. 


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