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Top 4 Jobs That Pay Weekly

A lot of younger people who don’t have a degree yet or a ton of experience are always on the hunt for jobs that not necessarily pay monthly but still offer decent rates. A job that pays weekly is a great option to never run put of money and is much easier to manage. Four best Jobs That Pay Weekly for anyone looking for a career that gives you cash on a more frequent basis. Learn about Jobs That Pay Weekly.

These jobs pay weekly and will allow you to pay your bills while you manage to get ahead in your career. Some are even half time, allowing you to study while you work. Another great choice is choosing a career that travels, I wrote a post about civil engineering jobs that travel, make sure you check it out!

Jobs That Pay Weekly

Jobs That Pay Weekly

1. Work as a Bartender

These might be long nights but if you love to meet new people all the time and parties, this might be the best fit for you. All you need to do is get a license that states that you are able to sell liquor legally and have a bubbly personality. Plus, advice from the weekly payment, most bars also split tips either weekly or daily. So you will always have some cash on you.

2. Remote, Online Editing

The biggest advantage and disadvantage of this job are that you don’t need to leave home. This means that you don’t need to worry about purchasing a meal on the street, you don’t spend any money or time on the commute and you can decide if you want to make it full or half time.

It is a disadvantage because you will need a good computer, internet service in your home and most importantly, you will need a lot of discipline.  But the pay is decent and you don’t need to know anything else than correct grammar.

3. Real Estate Agent

Now this one is a full-time job but if you are good at it it can become an extremely lucrative career path. All you need to do is to go through a short training course.

Most real state agents work on a commission, so you will always need to keep moving and closing rental or sale contracts to actually get something weekly.

4. TV and Cable Installer

This might be the perfect gig for you if you are not scared of heights or don’t mind climbing up and down stairs tons of times per day.

This is another one of those careers that don’t require previous experience or training. Most companies offer on-site training.

There are tons of things you can do if you prefer a weekly paid job. But these are some of the top ones that are relatively easy to get.

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