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Top 3D Printed Bathroom Accessories: 5 Valuable Models

It’s high time to spruce up your bathroom space by heating the 3D printer! As the bathroom can muster up a lot of valuable items into a tiny space, stay organized with 3D printed, essential items, including soap dish, shower head, holder, and other items.From valuable toiletry gadgets to bathroom sets, these top 5 gorgeous 3D Printed Bathroom Accessories will uplift the space’s utility.

3D Printed Bathroom Accessories

These creative 3D prints are valuable, pretty affordable, and downright impossible not to print. Above all, each printer requires a top-notch yet budget-friendly printer to print amazing models. So, you don’t have to go out and fetch an expensive 3D printer

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  1. Simple Toothpaste Squeezer

We all have done this when the toothpaste tube is running out of paste, and we have to squeeze as hard as we can. Now, preserve your energy and make it hassle-free with this toothpaste tube squeezer contraption. This 3D printed toothpaste squeezer will help you push forward that extra toothpaste left in it. 

  1. Modular Shower Caddy

A mechanic couldn’t be a mechanic without his armory of tools and equipment! Lead off your shower on the right foot by preserving all your necessary bathing essentials in one place. Therefore, you can incorporate as many shelves as you require as this 3D printed shower caddy is modular. It can be held together with a string and hangs perfectly over the showerhead. 

  1. Waterfall Shower Head

This exquisite 3D print can transform a mundane and outdated showerhead into a beautiful waterfall. You should visit Ove Decors to check out the outstanding collections of showerheads to all bathroom essentials. When printed appropriately, this beautiful showerhead will be much more authentic. 

  1. Hook

Suppose you have the propensity for rushing to your bathroom right after heading home and throwing items here and there. In that case, you should consider adding a hook to keep your hanging accessories, like a jacket, western hats, and other shower essentials. 

Such a cool designed hook caters to your every need, such as whatever you want to store on it. Furthermore, the ingenious creator of this design states that you can affix two hooks back-to-back for enhanced storage space. 

  1. Bathroom Wine Glass Holder

Dive into a subtle bathroom experience by incorporating a glass of wine. But, is there any space to put it? If not, consider attaching a brand-new 3D-printed bathroom wine glass holder to take your bathroom experience to a new level. However, in case bath wine isn’t what you wanted, you can check our classic shower beer holders instead! 


These are the best-in-class 3D printed bathroom accessories, which you should consider as per your choice. All these valuable and budget-friendly models can spice up your bathroom’s aesthetics, and guests can’t take their eyes off after watching these functional items installed! 

These 5 prints demonstrated above showcase your brightest and gorgeous side, from creative bathroom items to various toiletry items!  

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