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Top 3 Places To Visit When Traveling to Philippines

Are you looking for a new traveling destination for your bucket list? As a traveler, one of the most difficult decisions is determining your next destination. Luckily, our guide below helps if you were to decide on traveling to the Philippines next. The Traveling to Philippines serves a huge gold mine of travel-worthy places.So, if you have time to visit, we recommend you stop by 3 places.

traveling to Philippines
  1. Palawan 

The outstanding land and seascapes make it a world – class destination. You can definitely choose your own adventure! You may try trekking the picturesque hills and valleys. Or, snorkel and dive below the sparkling waters. 

After all, Palawan is one of the nature sanctuaries of the world. If sparkling beaches, exotic rainforests, and majestic mountains sounds something you are down to. Then this place would leave you with an amazing experience. Furthermore, the island province of Palawan has much to offer to those who want to get to the heart and soul of the Philippines. The locals hold some colorful festivals throughout the year. The opportunities for adventure here are endless. That is why Travel+Leisure (T+L) 2020 World’s Best Awards cited Palawan as the  world’s best island.

  1. Boracay

If you were to ask Filipino locals about the best beach in the country, they will probably point you to the Boracay Island. 

It holds more than 12 beaches that you can visit. So if fun water activities excites you, then this might be the place for you and your family to enjoy when traveling to Philippines. You can swim with the fishes and chill at the sea side in comfort of the white sand.  In addition, Boracay also offers a bustling and festive nightlife. Hence, you will have the chance to hangout with locals and fellow travelers. Party all night beside the beach!

traveling to Philippines
  1. Cebu

Amongst the three, Cebu carries a heavier history and cultural significance. It features historical landmarks dating back to the Spanish colonization era.  Here, you can visit magnificent old Spanish churches. Of which, one of the churches takes care of Magellan’s cross. This cross is the significant artifact that Ferdinand Magellan, the famous Portuguese explorer, delivered in the Philippines which signified the beginning of Catholicism in the Philippines. Still, Cebu also offers stunning beaches and landscapes you could unwind in. Plus, if you are foodie in search of delicacies and new flavors, you would totally enjoy Cebu’s cuisine. Important things you should prepare on your Philippine travel: An important international travel demands prior preparation. Here are some of the things you need to consider and plan for when you are traveling to the Philippines (Or any other country) :

  • Detailed travel plan Or Itinerary
  • Your itinerary would serve as a detailed schedule of your travel logistics. In here, do include the places you plan to visit, your transit route, and all other details of your trip. Not only will this help you organize, but it will also save your precious vacation time.
  • Accommodation or hotel bookings
  • Along with your itinerary, you should also prepare and book your accommodations ahead of time. Mostly, the hotel or local host coordinates your transportation from the domestic airport to their place, that is often included in their package. 

    Having a streamlined travel and accommodation plan saves you from unnecessary stress. Therefore, it is equally important to confirm your bookings beforehand.
    • Cash and extra funds
    • Lastly, traveling to other countries requires you to handle other currencies. 
    When traveling to the Philippines, especially in the remote islands, it’s better to hold extra cash with you–  even if all the expenses are paid ahead of time. You can definitely do an international wire transfer or withdraw to an ATM when you are still in the city. Either way, always be prepared for unexpected costs. Concludingly, traveling is one of the best experiences we can indulge in our lifetime. Thorough planning and preparation also constitutes the over-all adventure. Believe us when we say traveling to the Philippines would surround you in natural wonder. We hope this guide aids you on your next vacation. Are you eyeing other places in the Philippines that are not included in the list? Let us know! Have an amazing trip!

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