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Top 3 Mobile Marketing Tips For Hospitality and Travel

In the last several years the number of people using mobile devices to make travel plans and reservations has skyrocketed. In 2016, over half of all travelers booked reservations using their phone instead of their computers at home, and that figure is growing now in 2018.The fact that more travelers are using their mobile devices displays how hospitality and travel brands urgently need to step up their marketing game if they haven’t already. Best three marketing tips for hospitality and travel. Learn all about my marketing tips to take full advantage of online marketing.

Mobile Marketing Tips For Hospitality and Travel

Here are the top three mobile marketing tips for hospitality and travel:

1 – The Shorter The Copy, The Better

You have an extremely limited window to grab the attention of subscribers and users when they visit your website or open the emails you send them.

In fact, even the most conservative of estimates suggest that you have a maximum of fifteen seconds to grab the attention of visitors.

This is why you want to keep your written copy as short, precise, and to the point as possible. The idea is that a user should be able to scan through your copy, without reading it in its entirety, and still get the basic idea of what you’re saying so they’ll remember it.

To this end, include attention grabbing headlines and email subject lines, and then get right to the point with what you’re trying to market afterwards (flight prices, hotel discounts, etc.)

2 – Utilize Email Marketing…And Utilize It Effectively

Do you want to know how long it takes the typical traveler to finally book a vacation?  Around a month and a half.

During that period, they will personally visit up to forty or more different websites until they finally reserve their tip.

It can be easy for your website to become forgotten among the masses of others, but one highly effective marketing technique to make sure a visitor remembers you is to make it easy for them to sign up for your email subscription.

While email marketing is nothing new, failing to use it is practically suicide for any travel or hospitality business. There is simply no better way to advertise to customers on a continuous basis after they’ve visited your website so they won’t forget about you.

Through email, you can inspire your subscribers through stunning videos and images of irresistible travel destinations or through exclusive price offers.

3 – Turn Social Media Into Your Newsletter Platform

A recent marketing trend has been for travel and hospitality blogs to turn social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into their newsletter platforms. In many ways, social media can be even more effective than email.

What this means is that you can use social media to keep customers up-to-date on news related to your company, important announcements, contests with prizes, and of course, images and videos to some of the most attractive travel destinations in the world.

Marketing Your Travel Brand Like A Pro

The travel and hospitality industry is only growing each year. To ensure your brand keeps up with the competition, it’s important that you follow each of the current marketing trends we have just covered.

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