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Top 3 Essential Apps for Travelers

Smartphones have definitely changed the way we travel. I remember that only 10 years ago everyone was around with their travel guide in one hand, a map in the other, a camera hanging from their necks and a dictionary in the backpack. Luckily we can now have all of that and more in our tiny devices.Three apps that are essential for travelers to have on their phone at all times.Take a look at my list of the apps for travelers.

Apps for Travelers

They can definitely make your life easier and finding the right apps to complement what your phone already does makes it all even better.

My Must Have Apps for Travelers

1. Currency Converter
This is a particularly important one to have if you don’t want to be taken advantage of. Especially because you won’t have a bank near you at all times, so you can negotiate to get a better deal according to the actual daily exchange rate. There are many good ones out there but XE currency is a particularly good one.

2. A Language Translator
Most times you won’t know the local language and it is extremely important to be able to communicate with locals in a basic way. Remember that locals don’t need to know your language. Plus You will get treated a lot friendlier if they see that you are making an effort. A couple that I consider to be extremely helpful are: Google Translate especially good for menus and Duolingo for some practicing.

3. Weather App
I find that having this one is extremely helpful for planning your daily activities. Some even have a forecast for the next few days and an hour by hour forecast. This way you have an idea of what clothes to wear when to go out and when to avoid doing any outdoor activities.

One of the best weather apps that I have tried is WeatherBug. It is extremely complete with maps that show you different weather conditions.

Apps for Travelers

These are my three basics. O know there are apps out there for everything but I learned that having too many can take away some of the fun and adventure of getting to know a new place.

Which ones are your essentials?

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