Top 3 Bikepacking and Touring Routes In Spain

Bikepacking and Touring are popular activities in Spain, with great options for bike touring and even bikepacking. Spain is an interesting place for bike touring, with a mix of rolling hills and coastal cities, giving you plenty to explore on two wheels. Hundreds of places make for great routes in Spain, but these three will make a good starting point from which to explore this beautiful country on two wheels. So, don’t forget your Thule backpack and get ready for some of the best routes to take you off-road and fit in with the Spanish way of life while bikepacking or touring in Spain.

mountain bike on top of a mountain



Cueva del Condor is a cave system in the Almeria province of Gran Canaria. The cave houses approximately 20,000 years of human history, so there is something for everyone. It has been used as a shelter by humans for several thousand years, with evidence of Paleolithic and Neolithic settlements on the site. This location is popular with the mountain bike community and you can take a tour of this area by bike. There are also some great options for hiking and exploring on foot in this area, so if you’re into that kind of activity, you must consider the Cueva del Condor when looking for bike touring routes to take in Spain’s Canary Islands.

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The Mediterranean offers great bike touring options in Spain. The mountains of the west and the coast of the north contribute to a diverse range of fantastic terrain, from tiny islands in the archipelago off the coast to rugged mountain peaks. The best places to explore are listed below, but you don’t have to stick with them because there is an abundance of amazing riding in this part of Spain. That is not to say that you can’t go further afield on your bike; there are many epic rides far from the main tourist areas that offer some of the best ridings you’ll ever experience while touring down here in Spain’s Mediterranean neighborhood.


Castile and Leon are two of the oldest provinces in Spain, with a history that spans back to Paleolithic times. The frontier area of Pamplona is especially interesting, with many traditional villages still in use today. These regions offer great pedal-to-the-metal mountain biking and some beautiful forests you can explore on your bike. The choice is abundant for touring in this region, so you can ride upwind through the mountains or head off across the plains toward cities like Salamanca or Burgos by bike. For essay writing help use write my essays for me.

Bottom line

If you love the outdoors and want to combine your passion for nature with a great cycling trip, then bikepacking or touring around Spain is a great option. These three routes will give you a good starting point to explore further, but there are plenty of fantastic options throughout this country. The Spanish love their two-wheeled travel and are always willing to chat about the best places to go, so if you get stuck on your tour or just fancy some company then ask at any local bar about the best routes for bikepacking in Spain.

Last Updated on July 15, 2023

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