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Top 12 Dishes From Around The World Every Restaurant Should Have

Every food lover should get the chance to taste good food and vegan food, and each country has its own special dish to offer. The level someone will like a dish will also depend on personal preference, but it’s never a bad idea to try it out, right? 

However, have you ever asked yourself which foods are the best and where they serve these dishes? We’ve made the choices easier for you by gathering some of the best international dishes. 

If you want to learn more about these dishes, then, let’s dive deeper into this article to find out. 

12 Dishes around the world every restaurant should serve 

  1. Golf course food trends 

Food trends are continuously evolving and they are quite popular in golf clubhouses, which are looking for new experiences all the time. Most golf clubhouses are selling fries and burgers all the time, but this is a traditional approach. 

If you work at a golf clubhouse or own one, here are some golf course food trends you can follow: 

  • Healthy food: Junk food isn’t healthy and might result in long-term health issues. Golfing is a sport, so golfers would love to choose healthy options compared to only offering hamburgers and fries. 
  • Special diets: These are usually preferable for vegans and even people who have a low tolerance for certain foods. It’s not necessary to dedicate all your time to fitting individual needs, but to offer menus for a group of people. 
  • Local needs: Always make sure to offer something that locals love because every city, country and region, has its own preferences. Localizing food preferences is always a good idea. 
  • International flavors: The online world has taught us one thing and that is the fact that we can mix dishes with each other. Offering a new dish is always a good idea and creates a sense of diversity, especially if you live in a country with mixed cultures, this is a great idea. 
  • A wide range of drinks: Many younger generations are interested in numerous drinks now, like cocktails and different drinks. After all, your bar staff should be trained well enough to offer different drinks. 
  1. The cheeseburger 

A cheeseburger is an international dish that all started in the United States. The difference between a hamburger and a cheeseburger is that a cheeseburger has cheese added on top of the meat inside the burger. Initially, American cheese was the primary choice, but after, Swiss and Cheddar were added to the menu as well. 

The taste is different, but after all, it’ll all depend on personal preferences. Some people love cheese and some people just don’t want to hear about it. 

  1. Paella 

If you want to finish Paella on your own, you are only deluding yourself. It’s a dish that is offered to many people and is a traditional Spanish dish consisting of rice, seafood and vegetables, all cooked together. Paella is believed to originate in Valencia, Spain, but it’s still not well known. Nevertheless, this dish has become part of Spanish culture all along with tapas. 

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  1. Masala Dosa 

Masala Dosa is an Indian traditional food that is mixed with mashed potatoes, spice, rice-batter crepe and is dipped in pickles, tomato and coconut chutney. 

It’s usually served when you eat breakfast and keeps you filled until lunchtime. However, be aware because the first time you eat it, you’ll want more of it! 

  1. Fish and chips

When we talk about fish and chips, most of us start thinking about the United Kingdom (UK). All you have to do is to go to the seaside of Great Britain and grab your fish and chips. The weather is much cooler than in other areas of Europe, but the beaches there definitely give you a good feeling. 

Traditionally, the fish is deep-fried and served along with chips. Fish and chips are believed to appear near Great Britain’s shores in the late 1800s. After it was discovered, more than 30,000 shops started using this dish. It’s a traditional dish and was widely used during both world wars, a common dish used by Winston Churchill himself! 

  1. Gyros 

If you’ve been to Greece, there’s a small chance you didn’t get to try the gyro. It’s undoubtedly one of the most famous dishes in Greece. A Gyro includes onions, tomato, fries and tzatziki sauce inside. 

It’s usually sold as street food and if you eat it at a restaurant, it can be served as a platter. Gyros are mostly popular in the Greek islands and are usually eaten after you drink lots of alcohol. 

  1. Escargot 

Escargot is a traditional French snail dish that is mostly consumed in Paris. If you want to look classy and have a classical dish, try Escargot, which stands for “snail” in French. The snails used in this dish are harvested during Winter time when snails retreat into their shells and begin the winter fast. 

The snails harvested are directly boiled and held aside for numerous days. For this reason, in France, you’ll see this popular dish eaten during Christmas and New year’s. 

Escargot isn’t only a popular choice in France, but is widely used in places like Portugal, Spain and Germany. Moreover, you can buy them in canned form as well if you want to eat them quickly. 

  1. Tacos 

You’ve heard of Tacos before and you know how tasty they are. If you’ve never tried a taco before, you are missing out. A taco is a handmade tortilla that includes small chunks of grilled beef rubbed in oil and sea salt. After, it can be covered in salsa, onions and anything you see best. 

Tacos can be eaten at any time, regardless of whether it’s breakfast, dinner, or lunch. It originally originated in Mexico, so it’s considered traditional food to eat if you visit Mexico. However, the wide usage of tacos has made them available worldwide. 

  1. Pizza

We all love pizza and that is something we can’t deny. There’s no other way to define what pizza is except a round flatbread that is covered with tomato sauce and cheese. Pizzas come in different flavors and are easily customizable based on preferences. 

Pizza initially began in Italy and is served all around the world. However, if you eat pizza in Italy, it’s special because they started the dish in the first place. Back then, bread was cheap and for this reason, pizza became a popular meal. 

In Italy, each city has its own way of making pizza, some might use a thinner crust, some a thicker one, but it’s usually considered fast food. 

  1. Waffles 

Waffles originally came from Belgium. In Belgium, you have two waffle types, the Brussels waffle and the liege one. The Brussels waffle comes with sweet toppings and has a rectangular shape, while the Liege is oval and is made with brioche-type dough. 

Waffles are almost always served with toppings such as blueberries, strawberries, icing sugar, and many other things you can name. For instance, if you go to Belgium, you’ll easily find plenty of waffle types available to choose from, so this makes it better for visitors! 

  1. Massaman curry 

Have you ever heard about Massaman curry? It’s undoubtedly the king of curries and probably of most foods. It has many flavors, all in one. Initially used in Thailand, a country that has several types of rice available for mixing with curry. 

The best part about this meal is that it’s so tasty and is sold on nearly every single street corner you visit! 

  1. Sushi 

We know Sushi is a popular type of dish. Originating from Japan, sushi is raw fish combined with rice. It may sound simple, but combining rice and fish together is what makes it so delicious. 

The Japanese don’t live such a healthy lifestyle for no reason, they keep eating sushi in their diet and this affects their healthy lifestyle, keeping them fit at all times. 

The whole reason why international dishes are fun to eat 

International dishes matter a lot and are fun to eat. They are the reason traditional dishes don’t get boring and bringing a new dish to the table is always an excellent idea. Every country, city, and region has their own special dish and it’s exciting to get a chance to taste them. 

After all, life would be boring if we only had one choice on what to eat, so enjoy every dish you can, as much as you can. 

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