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Top 10 Ways the World Has Become More Sustainable

Many of us are facing severe eco-anxiety as news of the climate crisis seems to worsen day after day. To offer a break in the doom and gloom, we’re revealing some ways the world has become more sustainable.

If you haven’t heard about the severity of the situation our planet is in, then you really must have been living under a rock. With global warming causing everything from rising sea levels to bushfires, natural disasters, and more, it is time to act now.

While there is still much to be done to ensure our planet survives and thrives, many steps have been taken to make our world a more sustainable and clean place. From green energy initiatives to lower consumption, leaps and bounds have been made in recent years.

So, to remind you that it isn’t all bad news and hopefully provide some motivation, here are ten ways the world has become more sustainable.

10. Paperless business ‒ everything is online now

Deforestation has been one of the major issues facing our climate for centuries. So, the rise of paperless businesses means we are less reliant on using up these natural resources.

And it’s not only trees that we’re saving. Rather, oil consumption is massively reduced when we aren’t printing documents using laser printers and inkjet cartridges. So, the rise of paperless business really is a win-win and one of the ways the world has become more sustainable.

9. More renewable energy sources ‒ a massively expanding trend

In recent years, we have seen a drastic rise in the number of renewable energy sources. From solar power to wind energy, geothermal energy to hydropower, and more, there are more options than ever before.

Brookfield Renewable Partners are one of the most sustainable companies to invest in if you want to support the growing trend of renewable energy.

8. Focus on recycling ‒ a pretty standard part of life now

In today’s society, most of us are pretty much accustomed to recycling as a normal part of life. So, it’s hard to believe that this wasn’t always the case.

This focus on recycling is constantly improving, meaning we are learning new ways to reduce our waste.

7. Eco and biodegradable products ‒ paper straws, chemical-free cleaners etc

As reducing our environmental impact is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, companies are focusing on ways they can become more sustainable and eco-friendly.

From chemical-free cleaning products to biodegradable packaging, it is now easier than ever to make eco-friendly choices. 

6. Energy-efficient appliances ‒ creating energy-efficient homes

From energy-saving light bulbs to pyrolytic ovens, there are plenty of ways we can make our homes more energy efficient. 

Plus, these appliances will not only reduce our environmental impact, but they will also save us some money on our energy bills. So, it’s a win-win!

5. Rise in second-hand shopping ‒ the impact of fast fashion

In recent years, many of us have become more aware of the impact of the clothing industry, particularly fast fashion, on the environment. 

Thus, many people are choosing to switch to more sustainable wardrobe choices. Whether that be creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe, shopping second-hand, or repairing old clothes, the move away from overconsumption is certainly one of the ways the world has become more sustainable.

4. Pedestrianised cities ‒ fewer cars on the road

In an attempt to make cities safer and reduce pollution in busy city centres, many cities around the world have become car-free zones or introduced pedestrianised areas.

Thus, many people are moving to public transport or walking and cycling for their daily commute instead of driving.

3. Less plastic packaging ‒ the impact of the plastic bag tax

Plastic consumption is one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution. So, many companies have focused on creating plastic-free alternatives.

With everything from reusable or paper shopping bags to paper straws, biodegradable packaging made from wheat and cornstarch, and much more, our reduced plastic consumption will go a long way in decreasing our environmental impact.

2. A rise in vegan and vegetarianism ‒ better for the environment

The meat and dairy industries are among the biggest contributors to pollution, from the production of methane gas to the high consumption of water.

As we become more aware of this, many people are opting to adopt a plant-based diet or even incorporate more meat-free meals into their week.

1. The rise of electric cars ‒ a new way of driving

Topping our list of ways the world has become more sustainable is the rise of electric vehicles. As we become less reliant on petrol and diesel to fuel our cars, the impact of transport pollution will steadily decline.

Huge progress has been made in this industry in recent years, with more and more hybrid and electric vehicles being driven on our roads. Hydrogen electric vehicles are even better for the environment than conventional electric cars, so we can’t wait to see further progress in this area!

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