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Top 10 Holiday Destinations for Families in Europe

Taking your kids on a Euro trip is for sure a great way to create wonderful childhood memories. The European continent is rich in everything: culture, history, and natural landmarks. Taking your kids on a Euro trip is great.Here is places we believe you fly Holiday Destinations for Families in Europe.

However, the vast diversity of European destinations and cities can make it hard to choose where to go. One thing is certain: wherever you land in Europe, you will find something interesting to see and do. Still, we made this list of places we believe you should not miss the next time you fly to Europe with your family.

Madrid, Spain

Spain is one of the biggest countries in Europe, and certainly one of the most diverse. The south of the country has a very interesting Arabic cultural influence, especially in terms of architecture and food. At the same time, Catalonia in the north is a very interesting blend of French and Spanish cultures.

The capital of the country is notoriously hot during the summer, but it offers many ways to entertain every member of the family. It is a place where you can take the kids to Retiro park for some fun, and then take them to taste the legendary Spanish churros.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, while in the country, try to stay outdoors as much as possible. It is best to make covid tests in Madrid before coming back.

Holiday Destinations for Families in Europe

Scotland, UK

Scotland is located in the northern part of the UK and is probably one of the most scenic and mystic regions in Europe. While in Scotland with your family, it is best to rent a car and go for a tour of medieval Scottish castles. 

Each of the castles has its special story, and most of them are located in absolutely wonderful places. For example, the Dunnottar Castle is a ruined castle placed on a spectacular cliff edge surrounded by the sea. This castle is one of the most beautiful landmarks of Scotland.

If you would like an urban experience, you should not leave Scotland without visiting Glasgow and Edinburgh.

For something special, go to Falkirk to see the Kelpies, the 30-meter tall horse sculptures. Or, go to Loch Ness, the lake that is home to the famous monster Nessie.

Holiday Destinations for Families in Europe

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is probably one of the best European destinations in terms of culture and architecture (and good beer, but we won’t tell that to the kids!). The city has some of the best-preserved examples of neoclassical churches, buildings, and bridges in the world. For this reason, it still keeps a bit of its romantic 19th-century vibe to this day.

Besides, it attracts families with affordable prices, a stunning city zoo, Rudolfinum art park, and much more.

Holiday Destinations for Families in Europe

Florence, Italy

Italy is an inexplicably beautiful country, and Tuscany is one of its most beautiful regions. After many centuries, its green hills and vineyards still radiate with the same beauty that inspired Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and dozens of other renaissance artists.

When in Florence, don’t miss the art museums, because their collections have some of the best artworks of modern civilization. However, if you get tired of the crowds, head out to the countryside for a glass of wine, a plate of ravishing Italian cooking, and a gorgeous sunset in the background.

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