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The Top 10 Health Benefits of Ginger Turmeric Tea (#8 Is the most common)

I live by the saying that food is the best medicine. To be honest, I don’t like anything as much as I love drinking tea. When you open my kitchen cabinets, you’ll always find a few boxes of tea in there.Ten health benefits about using Ginger Turmeric in your daily life.Check this out to learn all about benefits of Ginger Turmeric.

In the summer, it’s a refreshing glass of iced tea. And in the cold season, it’s a hot cup of ginger turmeric tea. Now that WINTER IS COMING (Game of Thrones reference in case you didn’t get it!), let’s talk about the ten health benefits of ginger turmeric tea.


This does not only taste delicious but also offers abundant medicinal properties. So what you see below is a list of all the benefits you get by incorporating ginger turmeric tea into your diet.

#1 Diabetes Management
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When it comes to blood sugar content in the body, there’s nothing better than herbal tea. You must have heard a lot about green tea and its weight loss benefits on and many studies. And here, I’m talking about ginger turmeric tea. The refreshing drink helps in keeping the blood sugar level under control.

Both the ingredients contribute to relieving oxidative stress. They also suppress blood sugar and maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

So if you’re wondering how often to drink turmeric tea, the answer is DAILY if you want to prevent diabetes.

#2 Emotional Health
People also drink a glass of herbal tea on a daily basis to overcome depression and uplift their mood. And do you know how something like this is possible? In the case of turmeric, it comes with the curcumin compound. This particular element handles dopamine and serotonin production. And they have excellent antidepressant effects.

What about ginger? Ginger has geraniol, which helps in eliminating stress. So when you combine them, you will notice an improvement in your emotional well-being.

#3 Anti-Inflammatory
All you have to do is blend ginger and turmeric paste in your grinder to ease swelling and pain in the body.

Studies prove that turmeric does an excellent job at treating inflammatory conditions. These include IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), arthritis, rheumatism, joint swelling, and indigestion.

Ginger also acts as a phenomenal anti-inflammatory ingredient. Many people opt for ginger instead of taking NSAIDS or anti-inflammatory medications. So ginger does have pain-relieving properties.

#4 Skin Health
Both ginger and turmeric have antibacterial and antioxidant properties. This means great for the skin, doesn’t it?

So have you heard people saying that turmeric helps in getting rid of acne, psoriasis, and eczema? If yes, then you should believe them.

#5 Anti-Bacterial Properties
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This is the most common out of the ten health benefits of ginger turmeric tea. What I mean to say is that the majority of people consume this tea due to its antimicrobial properties.

The thing about ginger is that it can kill certain types of strains. It can even destroy conventional antibiotics. And the curcumin content present in turmeric has potent antifungal characteristics.

So when you combine these two green ingredients, your body receives antibacterial agents.

#6 Heart Health
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You don’t need to read ten health benefits of ginger turmeric tea when you know that it improves heart health. This should be reason enough, isn’t it?

What turmeric does is lower blood clots. It even helps in preventing irregular heartbeats and inflammation. And what ginger does is lower high BP (hypertension) and drop palpitations.

Turmeric and ginger tea benefits the heart to a great extent. So much so that the combination improves blood circulation. Our cardiovascular system should remain stress-free at all times. And these two herbs help us in achieving that goal.

You will also be quite relieved to know that turmeric and ginger lower cholesterol. This means reducing the risk of developing heart diseases.

#7 Cancer Prevention
Many types of foods such as jalapenos, wasabi, ginger, etc. protect the body from cancer. Even the curcumin element found in turmeric offers anti-cancer benefits. It has the capacity to suppress both the formation and growth of certain types of tumors.

Here’s another important fact. Ginger is also responsible for fighting cancer cells. Especially the ones present in the ovary, breast, and gastrointestinal region. And turmeric is more suitable for combating bladder, lung cancer.

And do you know why? It’s because of the antioxidant nature of the herbs.

#8 Weight Loss
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Everybody has heard all about turmeric ginger tea weight loss benefits, right? And the information is correct. Herbal tea contributes to controlling weight. And it even helps you lose those extra pounds.

In fact, curcumin (present in turmeric) has a positive impact on weight management. And this can be beneficial for overweight people.

#9 Digestive Health
If you have digestive issues, then you should make it a point to drink ginger turmeric tea daily. When it comes to digestive problems like inflammation and indigestion, ginger provides relief.

As a matter of fact, even turmeric is useful in treating such conditions. These include IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and indigestion.

#10 Brain Health
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Ginger and turmeric contain antioxidants that improve cognitive health and reduce cognitive decline.

Researchers have concluded that ginger consists of 6-shogaol. This particular compound offers anti-inflammatory benefits for your brain. It also goes a long way in improving memory. And that means treating conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Now let’s talk about turmeric. People who consume turmeric on a daily basis show fewer signs of developing dementia. Here’s the proof.

So these are the ten health benefits of ginger turmeric tea. Did you go through each of them?

Final Thoughts

As you can see, I have backed all my claims with authoritative scientific sources. These apply to all the ten health benefits of ginger turmeric tea. I was quite surprised with the amount of reliable information available on the web. So my research was easier to conduct, and it helped me create useful content for you.

So what do you think, isn’t it awesome that turmeric can provide health benefits? Do you have any more to share with us here? Please do so if you think I failed to discuss any other significant benefit.

I hope you liked the article. And I hope you’ll share it too.

Let’s all work together to make ourselves healthier and happier. And this will make the world a better place to live in.

About the author: Christian Olsen, the founder of Sbestreviews, has developed a keen interest in writing about health, fitness, and product reviews. He believes in adopting natural treatment methods for most types of health conditions. And believing in something like this has led him to increase his knowledge about such topics. Olsen’s work consists of articles that talk about improving the quality of life. And that’s what readers look for on his blog.

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