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My Top 10 Carry-On Must Haves

Now that both of my sons are older I can go back to packing a carry on with stuff only for me because they can pack and carry their own stuff. What a glorious relief. Aside from mine being smaller I can now include some items to pamper myself while traveling. However, the first step was to find a cute and stylish Carry-on Backpack. It was about time that I got one that I really likes instead of choosing it only for its functionality. Once I had one that I really liked it was tine to start filling it up with all of my essentials.After hundreds of flights I finally came up with a list of 10 items that you should never leave home when packing your carry-on.

Carry-On backpack

10 Things you Must Have in your Carry-On

1. Water bottle – I am a true believer that just by staying hydrated you can prevent a lot of things, one of them is jet lag.

2. Face Mask – I usually don’t use one of these at home but I really hate being on a flight and having to deal with the reflection of the cellphone, computer or iPad from a nearby person.

3. Eye drops – I am not used to being in air-conditioned places so when I get on a plane which is always air conditioned, I end up with red and sore eyes on flights.

4. Travel wallet – Nope it is not the same as the one I usually use at home. This one tends to be larger so that I can fit my passport and tickets in it as well as my cards and cash.

5. Facial wipes, lip balm and cream – This is another by-product of air conditioning. My face always gets extremely dry. It is also nice to freshen up my face before landing.

6. A good book – In my daily life I don’t get a lot of time to just sit back and do nothing. So I like to take advantages of long flights to read something I enjoy.

7. Sanitizing wipes – Airplanes are known for being a melting pot of germs. I don’t think anyone should be paranoid about it but I do like to have these on me to feel safer and more comfortable when it is time to eat.

8. Earplugs – Sometimes things can get a bit crazy. Babies start crying or people are taking too loud. So I use these to help me focus while I read or to be able to sleep.

9. A compact blanket – Technology is amazing. There are now certain blankets that are extremely comfy and take almost no space.

10. A comfy pair of fold-able flats – You might think that your tennis shoes are the most comfortable thing out there. But after hours of having your feet compressed into them you might want to set them free. However, putting your clean and comfy socks on that dirty floor doesn’t sound right. Does it?

I could probably fit some other items in my Carry-on Backpack but these are the ones I can never leave home.

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