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Top 10 Best Gaming Blogs to Follow in 2022

Blogging websites are a fantastic way to learn new information and pick up pointers for online gamblers constantly looking for ways to enhance their strategy and advice on having the ideal gaming experience. Here are several gaming blogs you should read for guidance, techniques, and tips. Once you are aware of everything, you will be able to successfully place race tickets for the upcoming major horse racing event.

Blogging is one of the best methods for boosting brand recognition and generating new business prospects. Casino companies may create a solid online presence to sell themselves and cultivate consumer loyalty through blog writing services. As a casino blogger, you should consider publishing 8–10 pieces per month on subjects like promotions, advice for gamblers, game reviews, on topics related to online casino roulette, slots, blackjacks, etc. Many gambing blogs are available that provide excellent, practical news and articles and are also incredibly user-friendly. It’s best to follow gaming blogs highlighting the most recent information and resources in this business, whether you’re a casual or an avid gamer.

Many players prefer online casinos over conventional casinos. Therefore, detailed information about these casinos is required. Online casino blogs broaden gamblers’ understanding of related subjects and keep them updated on the latest gaming news.

Wolf’s Gaming Blog

When he first began running this blog, the author was just a typical man interested in gaming and technology. As time passed, interest in what he had to say increased, inspiring major corporations to strike agreements with him. He regrets the blog’s name now but doesn’t regret continuing to use it. Visit here to get new gaming information every day.

That Video Game Blog

You may be sure you’re in for a treat because that video game blog team comprises more than 20 gaming industry professionals. The staff puts a lot of effort into giving you essential gaming assistance and the most recent information and suggestions on the best games. If reading editorials are more your style, you can certainly do that.

Attack of the Fanboy

As a passion project that began in 2010, AOTF now has a staff of content producers who create fresh gaming material daily. Visitors can read news and reviews in the same area and more information about games. The site also discusses technology and entertainment.

Niche Gamer

Niche Gamer is run by true gamer, student of game design, activist, and tech whiz Brandon Orselli. His blog features a specialized tech section that can assist you with everything you would need, and it covers all different kinds of games. This blog is the best place to learn more about strange games if you enjoy them.

Game Informer

An online publication called Game Informer covers all things gaming. Therefore, it is no surprise that the website has a separate blog. Anyone interested in learning more about games, such as Xbox, PlayStation, GTA, etc., can do it here. Additionally, the website features reviews and articles on general entertainment.

The Game Fanatics

The Game Fanatics identify as a multicultural group of geek creators. What else is there to ask of a gaming blog? These welcoming faces can teach you everything you need about Mortal Kombat and related video games. You can subscribe to their YouTube account to see more of their stuff because they also review video games.

Gnome Stew

Another group of gamers with extensive industry experience is Gnome Stew. You may discover anything from brief articles to in-depth evaluations on the website, which highlights some of the most intriguing games available. You can apply to write for the organization or sign up for their podcast.


The official PlayStation blog, which covers all PS-related news, including PS4, PS5, PS VR, and more, is located on this website. This is the closest you can go to learning everything there is to know about the world’s most popular gaming platform, PlayStation if that is your primary interest.

PlayStation Lifestyle

This website caters to PlayStation enthusiasts, as you can have gathered from the name. It was made for the same audience by ardent PlayStation lovers. The blog offers objective coverage of all news about PS. There are hints concerning other subjects as well.


VG24/7 has provided what they refer to as “video game justice.” The website publishes dozens of articles about reviews, how-to tutorials, and other topics. The information is abundant and new. From GTA to the Pokémon series, you can discover coverage of a wide range of video games right here.

The Sixth Axis

One of the blogs that frequently publishes articles about things gaming-related is The Sixth Axis. Daily postings covering everything you need to know about video and mobile gaming news can be anticipated. You’ll also run across some amusing tales about the game industry.

Topics for the gaming Business Blog

  • Profitable techniques for casinos
  • Reviews of casino games
  • Casino specials
  • Tips for responsible gambling
  • How to succeed in particular casino games
  • Rules of casino games
  • Cheat sheet for slots
  • Casino-specific information
  • Why it’s advantageous to gamble
  • How to play to your advantage

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