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What’s the Best Beer in Nicaragua – Toña Beer!

Having a beer is one of the customs me and my hubby must do in each location we visit. Since Central America is so small, each country has one or two beers that they drink like water.

When we arrived to Nicaragua and hit a restaurant for some eats, our first question – before what to feed the kids – was – What’s your best beer?

With a huge, HUGE, proud smile the waiter said: Toña Beer!

Toña Beer
Cerveza Toña

Toña is the national, beloved beer of Nicaragua. And it’s pretty damn good!


3 thoughts on “What’s the Best Beer in Nicaragua – Toña Beer!

    1. I live here in NIca. Last night was drinking a 16OZ. can on Tona when nearer the bottom I had strange something in my mouth…I spit it out then poured out the rest. In the can were maybe 10 or more flies…What the fuck…Your quality control is horrible like your beer..No more …I will post this everywhere….

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