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Toiletries You Can’t Travel Without

Years of traveling have shown me what is right for me to pack. However, back when I went on my solo trips where I had no one else to borrow stuff from, I found myself with tons of things that I didn’t need and some others that I completely forgot and needed. Information about all of those items that you can’t travel without when it comes to toiletries. In this article, you will find a toiletries packing list.

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Toiletries You Must Pack

1. Bath Products

My mistake here was to bring too many things. Hotels already offer them, and you are already paying for them, so use them. I know those hair products aren’t always the best, but with a good conditioner, you should be OK. So take as little as you can. Personally, I would bring:
– Hair Conditioner
– Intimate soap for women
– Deodorant

2. Skin Care

Now, this is one category that I used to under-pack for. The main problem was that I didn’t take into account how much my skin would suffer with the changes in climate and with the A/C from the plane. I would always end up with breakouts or extremely cracked skin. To avoid that, I like to pack:
– Face Cream
– Eye Cream
– Body Cream
– Cleansing gel for your face
– Hydrating mask
– Body scrub

3. Dental Health

Some luxury hotels have already started offering them, but the number is still so low that it is worth taking it with you. So don’t forget to pack:
– Mouth wash
– Toothbrush
– Toothpaste
– Dental floss

4. Beauty Stuff

I know that this is a personal preference, but I don’t really bring too much of this. Normally I only bring enough to make myself look a bit better in case I get invited to some event that requires more elegance.
– Basic Makeup
– Wet wipes
– Makeup remover
– Hair ties
– Hair clips
– A comb
– Razor

And that’s it, pretty basic but also with everything I need. What would you include or take out of this list?

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