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Five Reasons to Visit Northern Italy – Europe Travel

We connect Italy with many things. It was the hotbed of Renaissance, it offers some of the best wine in the world and has some of the best cultural monuments in the world. Italy Tours are in fact some of the most sought-after tours in the world. Personally, though, I have always had a softer spot for the Northern parts of Italy instead of its other parts.5 of the most amazing places to visit when you travel along northern Italy. Take a look at this short list of visit Northern Italy.

This is because of the large variety of experiences it has to offer. In a couple of days, Northern Italy offers up romance and life on one platter. This itself would be exciting enough, but, there is an engaging allure of Vatican City and the Tuscan vineyards at the back row.

So, what if you do not know what to do in Italy? There’s a lot of reasons you should be packing your bags for the summer vacation to the place. What are they? Well, we can see.

Fall in love on a Gondola Ride

Visit Northern Italy

Hollywood has ruined Gondolas for us; we cannot imagine one without thinking of our loved ones. In Venice, which comes under Northern Italy, you could take a personal gondola ride and have a candle-lit fairy tale for the duration of a few hours.

Now, this might not be your ideal romance. Let me reassure you then, that gondolas are magical. Going through a living and breathing city in a boat as time melts, means you have one of the most beautiful experiences in the world, which you are sharing with your loved one.

If there was one thing a ride like this can do, is lighting a spark in your heart. So, why lurk around in your fish boats when you can see the most beautiful city in the world and kiss the woman of your life in front of it.

Drinking wine in the Tuscany Region

Visit Northern Italy

You might not be a wine person, but, you cannot have helped but, heard about the fantastic wine that Italy has. The Tuscany vineyards produce some of the best wines in the world.

So, lay down, and have a glass of Montalcino and indulge in some rare cheeses at one of the many stunning villas in Tuscany when you visit Northern Italy.

This region is what nature looks like at its peak. Pick your grapes, walk across vineyards, and go into wine-tasting ceremonies. Remember, Italy is literally, one of those places that come out from history books. There’s a joy in putting a face to those places anyway.

Seeing history at Florence

Visit Northern Italy

Every art student in the world has dream of Florence. This was where the art we have grown up loving was born. Even now, the city boasts of some of the most remarkable cultural spaces.

Visit the famous Duomo cathedral, or hold your breath as you see Michaelangelo’s “David” in front of you. Florence grew up through the ages, but, there is magic in its streets yet.

Carry yourself into a piece of history that still holds its art close to itself without a care about other people.

Spirituality at Vatican City

Northern Italy

No matter what Dan Brown might tell you, Vatican City is not a powder keg of murders and conspiracies. However, it is the place to visit if you are looking for spirituality.

The spiritual connect you feel at Vatican City from the moment you land cannot be ignored, It’s the center of so many myths and stories, that you will find a story under every stone.

You could lose yourself in the traffic of history with your person and never look back onto the sky with the same eyes.

Relaxing at Lake Garda

Northern Italy

The crystal-clear water of Lake Garda is famous. Imagine, the beautiful Italian sunshine shining down on water, and you and your loved one walking across the spaces which tell you stories of a hundred days.

Lake Garda boasts of old architecture by its shores, a reminder that it is calm after a long time of struggle. As such, it offers the traveler with something almost every trip forgets to add, tranquility.

Northern Italy figures in the list of almost every traveler for a reason. The exquisite architecture, the history and the overall natural flow of ideas around Italy are enough to bring anyone back again and again to their shores. This is the space where you find your romance in nooks and crevices of all kinds, filtering away and giving you time for your loved one.

So, if you are planning a Honeymoon, or feeling like going on a tour with your loved one, Northern Italy should be on the top of your list. I cannot even begin to summarize all the reasons why.

Let’s say that Italy makes you fall in love, through the rich culture, the context, and with people from all around the country being charming.

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