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Tips and Tricks for Cruising Alone – 5 Things to Do for a Better Experience

If you are into traveling and know of people who also enjoy it you might already be sick of hearing all about the awesome family packs and romantic offers for couples that cruise lines are offering, and all about how much your friends have enjoyed them.Five tips and tricks that you should follow if you are thinking about cruising alone for a much better and relaxed experience.

Cruising alone

And it is true, I am going to join all of that people and say that cruising alone is a great experience. Granted, it isn’t one of those trips where you get to immerse in a new culture and explore a whole new country. But it has its perks like not having to worry about booking many hotels, not spending a lot of extra on food and having all of the activities organized for you.

But cruising alone isn’t always an easy or cheap thing to do. There are things you can do to make it more enjoyable and affordable.

5 Tips and Tricks for Going on a Cruise Solo

Find a cruise line with solo cabins
Most cruise lines charge extra to solo travelers. That is because it is not good for their business to have only one person in a room where they could fit at least two.

Some other tried to fix the issue with shared cabins, which is great but not always what we are looking for during a relaxing vacation. However, if you do some more research and truly do a deep search you will be able to find cruise lines with single cabins that don’t charge double.

Make Friends With the Front Desk Staff
This is the first thing you should do when you arrive. See, these guys are there to fix everyone’s problems. So two things happen to them, they sit there listening to people complain all tri long about all sorts of nonsense and the second is that they never expect any kindness.

So by being nice and having a polite chat with them, not only you are acting like a good human being but you get someone on your side from the very start. The closest thing to a friend you will have on board, just in case you might need something.

Sign Up for the Ship’s Shore Excursions
Traveling alone is all about privacy, learning new things about yourself and meeting all sorts of new people. So, now that you are stuck in a boat why don’t you go out an chat t a couple of strangers.

The best way to do this is to join the activities offered on board that suit your taste the best.

Join as many of the scheduled activities and shore excursions
This one follows the same logic as the former tip. But this one might be even better. This provides a better chance for bonding and making new friends that you can hang out with within the boat.

Go on a Theme Cruise
There are all kinds of topics like music, dance, politics, wellness, and sports. For me, these are the best cruises for singles to meet people simply because you get the best changes to meet new friends from all over the world that have similar interests.

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