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3 Amazing Tips for Traveling To New York On a Budget

Most people who have traveled at some point can confirm it doesn’t come cheap.  However, it’s possible that with careful planning and researching that you can make any trip work for your budget without going broke.Do you know how to see New York On a Budget? This article has three of the best tips on how to save money while traveling in NYC.

New York, in particular, can be a very pricy destination.  Yet, there are plenty of tricks to save on transportation, sightseeing, eating out, and accommodations.  Here are some of the best tips for having a perfect vacation in New York On a Budget

New York On a Budget

Traveling To New York On a Budget

Save On Transportation

Look for cheap flights on travel discount sites.  Usually, you can find the cheapest deals by remaining flexible with your dates and tolerating a layover or two.  

Once you’ve got your flights ready to go, don’t even think about renting a car.  New York is bustling with cars and pedestrians covering every square inch. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in a traffic jam or worse, in a car accident.

Instead, familiarize yourself with the NYC subway system.  Not only is it much cheaper than renting a car, but it’s much faster.  Everyone takes the subway in New York since it’s the best way to get from point A to point B without traffic.

Another option is to get everywhere on foot.  New Yorker walk everywhere. Not only is it free, but it will also keep you in shape!  

If you’re interested in checking out places outside of the city, take a train. You can either reserve ahead of time or buy it the day of if need be.

Save on Accommodation

Don’t limit yourself to only one type of accommodation.  You never know when an Airbnb may be more expensive than hotels, or vice versa.  Do a thorough search for your dates and make sure that you’re not missing out on any current deals.

Do yourself a favor and spend a little extra to be able to stay within 2 miles of the city center.  You’ll save more overall on getting around, and you’ll be able to spend more time sightseeing and enjoying great food rather than having to travel all day.

Save on Food

One of the biggest money savers when traveling is to eat breakfast and snacks in your hotel or apartment.  You can save hundreds by simply cooking your own meal a few times. Therefore, look for accommodation which has a kitchenette.

If your place doesn’t have a fridge, then at least stock up on dry items which can be stored without worrying about it spoiling.

You may also want to consider picnics for lunches if the weather permits.  It’s a great way to save on money by shopping in the grocery store, yet also being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

For dinners, it’s all about getting far away from the tourist traps.  Staying out of the popular tourist areas will provide much cheaper options.  You’ll notice you’re out of the tourist areas when the waiters and hosts aren’t hassling you to come inside.

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