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Tips to Save on European Travel

There is little doubt that one of life’s pleasures is to travel and experience different cultures and food from around the world. However, many believe it is beyond them with the large costs that it now takes. Do not fear! Here we cover a number of tips to help you save on European travel, so you can plan ahead on a budget.Five of my best tips on how to Save on European Travel.Take a look at this list of Budget travel tips for visiting Europe.

Save on European Travel

How to Save on European Travel

Flexibility and deals

If you are looking to travel further afar then you are likely going to need to travel by plane. A great way of saving with these is to be flexible on both airports and dates. Traveling in the summer is always going to be more expensive, so other times of the year can see you pick up some great deals. This also draws on to booking your trip at the right time. Black Friday always provides some great deals, so you can get away for much cheaper that the usual cost.

Long-term travel investments

Another great tip is to look at acquiring a motorhome. There are many motorhomes for sale and can be picked up for some great low cost prices. This is one of the best investments you can make to travel. Once you have one, you can simply get away whenever you have the free time and keep your travels to very low costs.


When you have picked your desired location, you should consider staying out of the usual areas in the city centers. By looking further afield, you can save vast amounts on accommodation, whilst also experiencing more of the local culture. This is also where you can find many gems, hidden away in areas tourists may not commonly visit.

Money Management

Money management when traveling is very important, with the fees and added costs always propping up. You should look at getting your cash from ATM’s at banks. This will mean you are always getting a fair exchange rate, on top of lower fees. This approach will likely mean you simply pay a transaction fee. Another tip is to take large amounts out at once to last several days, this ensures you are avoiding the fees as much as possible.

Another tip when it comes to money is to use your credit card. On most occasions, they can offer some strong exchange rates, but you should always keep in mind the potential for the fees that could be added for purchases abroad.


Rental cars are usually a popular option for most travelers but are not necessary. For example, when visiting a major city they can actually be abit of a hindrance. Rental cars can also be very expensive and you should look for the different local transportation on offer and this does not include taxis. There are normally always buses and trains on offer, and can be a very cost effective means of transportation when traveling.

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