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Tips to Make a Staycation a True Vacation

Almost everyone loves the idea of being able to explore and travel the world. While the dream is shared by many, the reality is simply not possible for most. This doesn’t mean that vacation can’t happen – it just means modifications need to be made. 

Creating a vacation doesn’t always have to cost a lot of money. In fact, it can be done for a few hundred dollars right from home, or as it is often called, a staycation.

Staycations can be seen as a generic version of a vacation, and if not done correctly, can absolutely be such. However, with careful planning and intentional action, a staycation can be just as memorable as any other vacation. 

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Why a Staycation?

The most expensive parts of a vacation are usually travel and lodging. It’s not uncommon for these two combined expenses to reach well over $1,000 per person. A staycation gets rid of these expenses completely.

For a family of four, that could mean $3,000 to $4,000 saved. For people who have a budget of $5,000, a staycation can mean having some really fun excursions and food, as opposed to having to live off rations and not doing much. For families with only $1,000, a vacation is now possible. 

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What About Getting Away?

The biggest complaint about staycations is that the purpose of a vacation is to “get away.” This is where creativity comes in. Yes, sleeping in your own bed on vacation doesn’t feel very ‘vacation’, but if you go out and get new bedding, suddenly it can. Yes, it may be $100 to $150, but compared to a hotel room, not only will you be saving a ton of money, but you’ll also have a brand-new bed set. 

This same idea can be used with transportation to an excursion. Instead of driving your car, call up an Uber and spend a bit more to be chaperoned somewhere. Again, this may seem a bit pointless from a money standpoint, but when compared to the cost of renting a car, it’s well worth it, and the memory will be there. 

Other examples of ways to get away include: turning off the alarm, ordering takeout, hiring a house cleaner, and spending one night at a local hotel. 

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Make a Few Purchases

Breaking routine at night, or when at the ‘home resort’ is probably the most important part of making a staycation into a vacation. Nothing can make a staycation feel further from a vacation than following a typical daily schedule. 

An easy way to break this trend is to make a few purchases. For example, using a fireplace either indoors or outdoors can create a lot of memories, whether it’s roasting marshmallows, enjoying each other’s company, or even just having it on during a movie. Other easy examples could be purchasing an ice cream machine, popcorn machine, or something as simple as a board game. 

These purchases will create time-specific memories, just as if they were from a typical vacation.

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Have the Right Attitude

Vacation is about the attitude of the individual. For example, Disney World can be the ‘Most Magical Place on Earth’ with rides, unique food, and nostalgic memories with iconic movie characters – or it can be a hot, humid, and packed theme park with lines that are way too long. All of this comes down to the attitude and perspective of the park-goer. 

If a staycation is seen as a cheap alternative to a typical vacation, the experience will likely yield negative results. If it’s seen as a unique and fun opportunity to experience a hometown in a new way, the staycation may end up being one of the most memorable and unique vacations you ever experience. 

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