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Instagram Marketing – Tips to Promote your Instagram Travel Account

The world today runs on social media, and if you are a travel blogger or photographer who knows how to use Instagram, it is no less than hitting a jackpot. Not only it allows you to showcase your journey and portfolio in an easy pictorial representation but also makes it easier for others with similar interests to find you. It provides a more balanced approach as compared to Facebook or Twitter, provided you know how to use it.Top tips and tricks to improve your Instagram marketing strategy for travel bloggers.Here you learn about my Instagram marketing.

New to the world of Instagram? No worries. Here are a few handy tips that will help you celebrate your travel photography and promote your Instagram account much more effectively.

Instagram Marketing
Photo by: Blondinrikard Fröberg

Instagram Marketing Tips

1. Put only your best forward

If you want your Instagram account and photography to stand out, you have to stop being a snap shooter and poster immediately. Instead, pick out your absolute favorite pictures and work on them. Put some thought to what you share. For instance, if you keep posting below average images nobody is going to want to look at them- forget liking and following. Post a picture only if it intrigues you. Secondly, don’t just keep posting every favorite picture of yours because spamming is never good unless you want to piss off your followers. Instagrowing  is just one or two images a day are enough to keep people engaged.

2. For Instagram marketing Take editing seriously

You are not a real photographer if you do not take editing seriously. Every good photographer knows that clicking a picture is just the first step of producing a great image. It is actually converted into a masterpiece in no place other than the editing room, where light, shadow, brightness, clarity and many other features of a picture are manipulated to create something worth the wow factor. While Instagram itself provides several good filters and effects, they are not enough so you better process your image in an editing program beforehand.

3. Tell a story and use effective hashtags

Stories tend to create an instant connection between you and the person looking at your photograph by evoking an emotional response. So, don’t just write random words in the caption, use a story or ask questions instead, and then, use effective yet related and meaningful hashtags to broaden your reach. The simple reason behind this is people are more likely to search for their favorite animals, places or hobbies instead of some meaningless jargon. Then comes the popular hashtags of tour category that you can use to connect with fellow Instagram with similar interests.

4. For Instagram marketing Use apps that automate your account

While social media platforms help you reach a wider audience, they are effective only if your posts are managed and synced. For instance, the most effective time to post on Instagram is in the morning or evening, I.e. after office hours. Apps/websites automate the process and make your posts more effective, thereby ensuring more likes and followers with minimal effort.

Bonus: Stories are essential for engaging with your public so don’t neglect them and take advantage of stools like free Instagram story download to make the most out of them.

Another great method is to buy Instagram followers. By using this method you can increase your audience, attract new followers, and improve engagement on your posts.

Use the above-mentioned methods that are proven to work and watch your Instagram account be a success within no time at all.

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