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Tips to Plan Your Dream European Vacation on a Budget

A dream vacation to Europe is something that often feels like it will just be a dream. Many people just do not think that they will be able to afford it or that it is something that is actually within their reach. There are ways that you can make your dream vacation happen, even if you are living on a budget.

Ten Tips to Plan a Budget Friendly European Vacation

Big Ben depuis le London Eye
Photo by: Paul Tridon

Tip 1 – Finding a Great Tour Company

There are so many tour companies out there that it can be quite overwhelming. Image Tours Inc is one of the best choices if you are traveling on a budget. There are many other tour companies like Get Yours and Adventure Tours but few offer you great tours if you are trying to travel on a limited budget.

Tip 2 – Consider Train Travel Instead of Air Travel

Once you are in Europe you can travel between different cities and countries by train for far less money than traveling by plane would take. Instead of booking plane,or even helicopter tickets, for these different destinations, checking out the train would be the best choice for being able to save money.

Tip 3 – Get Your Passport Early

Getting a passport early on is important if you want to be able to save money. The longer you wait the more fees that are going to be added to your passport to ensure that you get it by your dates of travel.

Tip 4 – Learn How to Save

Saving money can be tough when life is getting in the way. The best thing that you can do is learn how you are going to save the money that you need. Recently in an article entitled “10 Easy Ways to Save Money for a Grand Vacation Overseas” there were many helpful tips like putting back unexpected money like tax returns and dividends.

Tip 5 – Travel Insurance is Worth It

Travel insurance is something that is going to help you more than you can imagine. If you end up in a situation where you need it then it is invaluable. You will find that it is worth it above all else.

Tip 6 – Know What You Want to Visit

You should also know what you want to visit while you are in Europe. It is a great idea to have a bucket list for each person on the trip. Rate your bucket list from the things that you want to see the most to the things that you want to see the least. If you need inspiration US News made an awesome list of the top places to see in Europe.

Tip 7 – Networking Can Help

Start looking at travel blogs, websites, and forums. Learn how to network and meet others who will be traveling at the same time as you. Sometimes if you have a group you can book a tour much cheaper than if you had been trying to travel on your own. So reach out to families who have children the same age as yours and talk about meeting up for tours.

Tip 8 – Learn How to Book Hotels and Lodging

There is no reason for you to book all of your lodging before you go to Europe. In fact many European inns and hotels are not featured online in the US. Some of these offer amazing rates and accommodations that work well for families.

Tip 9 – Join Groups

Travel groups often get discounts and can help you to save money when you are traveling. There are a lot of different travel groups that you can be a part of. These will help you to save a lot of money through discounts and special offers when you are traveling.

Tip 10 – Do Not Over pack

One of the biggest mistakes that travelers make when going to Europe is that they over pack. While it can be tempting to take changes of clothes for each day and shoes for each outfit, learning to pack light can save you a considerable amount of money.

Planning your dream vacation in Europe is something that everyone is able to do. It is a great way to be able to save a lot of money and to be able to enjoy your time exploring a new place. Going to Europe is something that can cost a lot of money but when you plan and use these tips you can save a lot of money.

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